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AHLB - Beyt

( בא ) Action: Fill, Enter Object: Entrance Abstract: Void Definition: The filling of an empty space. Relationships: This root is closely related to בה and בי.

( fem., באה ) Translation: ENTRANCE Relationship to Root: To fill a space by entering it. KJV Translations: entry Strong's Hebrew #: h.0872

( בוא ) Definition: To come or go into a space is to fill it. A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( common, בוא / b.w.a ) Translation: COME (V) Definition: To move toward something; approach; enter. This can be understood as to come or to go. Relationship to Root: To fill a void by entering it. Alternate Translations: bring (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: come, enter, go Strong's Hebrew #: h.0935

( masc., מבוא / ma-vo ) Translation: ENTRANCE Definition: A place of entering. Once (Zechariah 8:7) used for the west as the place where the sun enters the underworld. KJV Translations: going down, entry, come, entrance, enter, in, west Strong's Hebrew #: h.3996

( fem., תבואה / te-vu-ah ) Translation: PRODUCTION Definition: Total output of a commodity or an industry. An increase of produce, usually of fruit. KJV Translations: increase, fruit, revenue, gain Strong's Hebrew #: h.8393

( fem., מבואה ) Translation: ENTRANCE Definition: [To be verified] A place of entering. KJV Translations: entry Strong's Hebrew #: h.3997

( בב ) Object: Pupil

( fem., בבה ) Translation: PUPIL Relationship to Root: Pupil of the eye KJV Translations: apple Strong's Hebrew #: h.0892

( בד ) Action: Separate, Perish, Devise Object: Ruins, Pieces Abstract: Alone, Destruction, Virginity Definition: The father of the tent often sat alone at the door of the tent. Here he could receive shade from the sun, watch over his household and watch the road for approaching strangers. (see Genesis 18:1,2) Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a representation of a tent. The is a picture of the tent door. These two pictographs represent "the door of the tent".

( masc., בד / bad ) Translation: FIBER Definition: A branch (which may be used as a staff), string or filament, as separated from the tree or plant. Linen that is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Often used in the idiom "to his/her own fiber" meaning alone or self. Relationship to Root: Anyone or anything that is alone, apart or separated from the whole or from something else. Alternate Translations: linen; part; alone; aside; only; self; that alone (when prefixed with "to~"); besides (when prefixed with "from~" and "to~") Edenics: bad - as being alone KJV Translations: linen, stave, beside, branches, alone, only, strength Strong's Hebrew #: h.0905, h.0906

( בדד ) Definition: Someone or something that is alone and separated from the whole.

( common, בדד ) Translation: BE.ALONE (V) KJV Translations: alone Strong's Hebrew #: h.0909

( masc., בדד ) Translation: ALONE Definition: One who is separated from the group; solitary; desolate. KJV Translations: alone, solitary, only, desolate Strong's Hebrew #: h.0910

( אבד ) Definition: A wanderer is one alone or lost. A place separated from people is a place of ruin.

( common, אבד / a.b.d ) Translation: PERISH (V) Definition: To be deserted or abandoned; separated from the whole, life or functionality. KJV Translations: lost thing, that which was lost, perish Strong's Hebrew #: h.0006, h.0008 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0007

( fem., אבדה / a-vey-dah ) Translation: LOST.THING Definition: An object that is missing or misplaced. KJV Translations: lost thing, that which was lost Strong's Hebrew #: h.0009

( fem., אבדון ) Translation: DESTRUCTION Definition: [To be verified] A place of ruin. Alternate Spellings: אבדה KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.0010, h.0011

( masc., אבדן ) Translation: DESTRUCTION Definition: [To be verified] A separation through extinction. KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.0012, h.0013

( בדא ) Definition: A separation from truth.

( common, בדא ) Translation: DEVISE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To invent a false account or story. KJV Translations: devise, feign Strong's Hebrew #: h.0908

( masc., בד / bad ) Translation: LIE Definition: A lie or liar, as what causes a separation through careless words, lying, or bragging. KJV Translations: lie, liar, parts Strong's Hebrew #: h.0907

( ביד ) Definition: Something brought to ruin and left alone.

( masc., ביד ) Translation: RUIN Definition: [To be verified] Someone or something brought to ruin. Alternate Spellings: פיד KJV Translations: destruction, ruin Strong's Hebrew #: h.6365

( בדל )

( common, בדל / b.d.l ) Translation: SEPARATE (V) Definition: To set or keep apart. KJV Translations: separate, divide, difference, asunder, severed Strong's Hebrew #: h.0914

( masc., בדל ) Translation: PIECE Definition: [To be verified] Something that is divided or separated from something else. KJV Translations: piece Strong's Hebrew #: h.0915

( masc., בדיל ) Translation: TIN Definition: A metal separated out by smelting. KJV Translations: tin Strong's Hebrew #: h.0913

( fem., מבדלה ) Translation: SEPARATE.PLACE Definition: [To be verified] A place separated. KJV Translations: separate Strong's Hebrew #: h.3995

( בדק ) Relationship to Parent: as a separation

( common, בדק ) Translation: REPAIR (V) Definition: [To be verified] The repairing of a breach in a wall. KJV Translations: repair Strong's Hebrew #: h.0918

( masc., בדק ) Translation: BREACH Definition: [To be verified] A breach in the wall of a building or ship. KJV Translations: breach, calker Strong's Hebrew #: h.0919

( בדר ) Relationship to Parent: as a separation

( masc., בדר ) Translation: SCATTER KJV Translations: scatter Strong's Aramaic #: a.0921

( בטל )

( common, בטל ) Translation: HALT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To stop an action through hinderance. KJV Translations: cease, hindered Strong's Hebrew #: h.0988 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0989

( בתל )

( fem., בתול ) Translation: VIRGINITY Definition: The state of being absolutely chaste. (Always used in the masculine plural form) KJV Translations: virginity Strong's Hebrew #: h.1331

( fem., בתולה / be-tu-lah ) Translation: VIRGIN Definition: An unmarried young woman who is absolutely chaste. KJV Translations: virgin, maid, maiden Strong's Hebrew #: h.1330

( שבט ) Definition: A branch used as a staff, scepter, spear, writing implement or measuring rod.

( masc., שבט / she-vet ) Translation: STAFF Definition: A walking stick made from the branch of a tree. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. Alternate Translations: tribe (as a branch of a family) KJV Translations: tribe, rod, sceptre, staff, pen, dart, correction Strong's Hebrew #: h.7626 Strong's Aramaic #: a.7625

( בה ) Action: Need, Consent Object: Box Abstract: Empty Definition: An empty space needing to be filled. Relationships: This root is closely related to בא and בי.

( אבה ) Definition: A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( common, אבה / a.b.h ) Translation: CONSENT (V) Definition: To give approval; to be in concord in opinion or sentiment; agreement as to action or opinion; to be willing to go somewhere or do something. Edenics: be - as something that exists filling a void KJV Translations: would, will, willing, consent, rest, content Strong's Hebrew #: h.0014

( masc., אבה ) Translation: BOX Definition: [To be verified] An empty container to be filled. KJV Translations: swift Strong's Hebrew #: h.0016

( fem., אבי / a-viy ) Translation: DESIRE KJV Translations: desire Strong's Hebrew #: h.0015

( בוה ) Definition: An empty space needing to be filled.

( masc., בוהו / bo-hu ) Translation: UNFILLED Definition: Empty. As an empty box that needs to be filled. KJV Translations: void, emptiness Strong's Hebrew #: h.0922

( בז ) Action: Spoil, Divide, Despise Object: Spoils Abstract: Profit Definition: An enemy would plunder a household for goods to supply themselves as a bird of prey attacks its prey. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents a house. The represents an agricultural implement or a weapon. Combined these pictographs have the meaning of "a house cut" or "attacked".

( masc., בז ) Translation: SPOILS Definition: Something that is seized by violence and robbery; prey; booty. Relationship to Root: The removal of what is of value as when an attacking army takes from the defeated all that is of value or the loss of value of a food due to spoilage. Alternate Spellings: בג Edenics: buzzard KJV Translations: prey, spoil, booty Strong's Hebrew #: h.0897, h.0957

( fem., בזה ) Translation: SPOILS KJV Translations: spoil, prey Strong's Hebrew #: h.0961

( בזז )

( common, בזז / b.z.z ) Translation: PLUNDER (V) Definition: To commit robbery or looting. KJV Translations: spoil, take away, prey, rob, take, caught, gathering, robber Strong's Hebrew #: h.0962

( בזא ) Definition: A division of what is plundered.

( common, בזא ) Translation: DIVIDE (V) Definition: [To be verified] A division made by cutting into pieces. KJV Translations: spoiled Strong's Hebrew #: h.0958

( בזה ) Definition: To treat something as spoiled, no longer of value.

( common, בזה / b.z.h ) Translation: DISDAIN (V) Definition: A feeling of contempt for what is beneath one; to look with scorn on; to treat something as spoiled or no longer of value. KJV Translations: despise, disdain, scorn, contemned Strong's Hebrew #: h.0959

( masc., בזוה ) Translation: DESPISED Definition: [To be verified] Something that is considered vile. KJV Translations: despise Strong's Hebrew #: h.0960

( masc., בזיון ) Translation: DESPISED Definition: [To be verified] Something that is treated as spoiled, no longer of value. KJV Translations: contempt Strong's Hebrew #: h.0963

( בוז ) Definition: To treat something as spoiled, no longer of value.

( common, בוז / b.w.z ) Translation: DESPISE (V) Definition: To look down on with contempt or aversion. KJV Translations: despise, contemned Strong's Hebrew #: h.0936

( masc., בוז ) Translation: DESPISED Definition: One who is looked down upon with contempt or aversion. KJV Translations: contempt, despise, shame Strong's Hebrew #: h.0937

( fem., בוזה ) Translation: DESPISED KJV Translations: despised Strong's Hebrew #: h.0939

( בזק )

( masc., בזק ) Translation: LIGHTNING KJV Translations: lightning Strong's Hebrew #: h.0965

( בזר )

( common, בזר ) Translation: SCATTER (V) Edenics: bazaar - a scattered area of merchants KJV Translations: scatter Strong's Hebrew #: h.0967

( בצע ) Relationship to Parent: a plunder as a cutting

( common, בצע ) Translation: CUT.OFF (V) Definition: [To be verified] 1. To cut something off to destroy it. 2. To take something by force or greed. KJV Translations: cut off, gained, given, greedy, covet, finish, wound Strong's Hebrew #: h.1214

( masc., בצע / be-tsa ) Translation: PROFIT Definition: A valuable return; to derive benefit. The taking of money or something of value through force in the sense of cutting. KJV Translations: covetousness, gain, profit, lucre Strong's Hebrew #: h.1215

( בח ) Action: Slaughter, Sacrifice, Examine, Choose Object: Knife, Watchtower, Firstfruits, Altar Abstract: Youth Definition: The killing of an animal for slaughter by inserting the point of the knife into throat to sever the artery.

( אבח )

( fem., אבחה ) Translation: POINT Definition: [To be verified] The point of a sword or knife. KJV Translations: point Strong's Hebrew #: h.0019

( בחן ) Definition: A close and careful examination of a place or something. An inspection to determine effectiveness. Relationship to Parent: examination to select a choice one

( common, בחן / b.hh.n ) Translation: EXAMINE (V) Definition: To inspect closely; to test, try or scrutinize. KJV Translations: try, prove, examine, tempt, trial Strong's Hebrew #: h.0974

( masc., בחן ) Translation: WATCHTOWER Definition: [To be verified] A place of inspection. KJV Translations: tower Strong's Hebrew #: h.0975

( masc., בחין ) Translation: WATCHTOWER Definition: [To be verified] A place of inspection. KJV Translations: tower Strong's Hebrew #: h.0971

( masc., בחון ) Translation: WATCHTOWER Definition: [To be verified] A place of inspection. KJV Translations: tower Strong's Hebrew #: h.0969

( masc., בוחן ) Translation: TESTED Definition: [To be verified] Something that has been tested through inspection and found worthy. KJV Translations: tried Strong's Hebrew #: h.0976

( בחר ) Definition: An examination to determine the choicest. Relationship to Parent: choosing a choice one

( common, בחר / b.hh.r ) Translation: CHOOSE (V) Definition: To select freely and after consideration. KJV Translations: choose, chosen, choice, acceptable, appoint, excellent Strong's Hebrew #: h.0977

( masc., בחיר ) Translation: CHOSEN KJV Translations: chosen, choice one, chosen one, elect Strong's Hebrew #: h.0972

( masc., בחור ) Translation: YOUTH Definition: A young person as one chosen for an activity. KJV Translations: young, chosen Strong's Hebrew #: h.0970

( fem., בחורות ) Translation: YOUTH Definition: The state of being at a young age. KJV Translations: youth Strong's Hebrew #: h.0979

( masc., מבחר / miv-hhar ) Translation: CHOSEN Definition: Someone or something that is the object of choice or of divine favor. KJV Translations: choose, chosen, choice, acceptable, appoint, excellent Strong's Hebrew #: h.4005

( masc., מבחור ) Translation: CHOICE Definition: [To be verified] The best of a group. KJV Translations: choice Strong's Hebrew #: h.4004

( בכר ) Definition: The firstfruits of the crop or womb. Can also be used for someone or something of great prominence as the firstborn is the prominent one who receives the greater inheritance and respect from the family. Relationship to Parent: the firstfruits being the choicest

( common, בכר / b.k.r ) Translation: BEAR.FIRSTLING (V) Definition: To give birth to the first out of the womb or the first produce of the crops. KJV Translations: firstborn, new fruit, firstling Strong's Hebrew #: h.1069

( masc., בכר ) Translation: YOUNG.CAMEL Definition: A dromedary of short age. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dromedary Strong's Hebrew #: h.1070

( fem., בכירה / be-khi-rah ) Translation: FIRSTBORN.FEMALE Definition: The daughter that is born first; the prominent one. Alternate Spellings: בכורה KJV Translations: firstborn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1067

( masc., בכור / be-khor ) Translation: FIRSTBORN Definition: The first offspring, usually a son, of a man or animal; the prominent one. KJV Translations: firstborn, firstling, eldest Strong's Hebrew #: h.1060

( fem., בכורה / be-kho-rah ) Translation: BIRTHRIGHT Definition: Rights, privileges or possessions to which a person is entitled by birth. The rights of the firstborn son (see Deut. 21:17). Also meaning the firstborn. KJV Translations: birthright, firstling, firstborn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1062

( fem., בכורה ) Translation: FIRSTRIPE Definition: [To be verified] The first fruits of the harvest. KJV Translations: firstripe Strong's Hebrew #: h.1073

( fem., ביכרה ) Translation: CAMEL Definition: [To be verified] A young female camel. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dromedary Strong's Hebrew #: h.1072

( masc., ביכור / bi-khor ) Translation: FIRSTFRUIT Definition: The first gathered fruits of a harvest; the first results of an undertaking. KJV Translations: firstfruit, firstripe, hasty Strong's Hebrew #: h.1061

( fem., ביכורה ) Translation: FIRSTFRUIT KJV Translations: firstripe Strong's Hebrew #: h.1063

( זבח ) Definition: The killing of an animal for food or sacrifice.

( common, זבח / z.b.hh ) Translation: SACRIFICE (V) Definition: An act of offering to deity something precious; to kill an animal for an offering. KJV Translations: sacrifice, offer, kill, slay Strong's Hebrew #: h.2076 Aramaic Spelling: דבח Strong's Aramaic #: a.1684

( masc., זבח / ze-vahh ) Translation: SACRIFICE Definition: An animal killed for an offering. KJV Translations: sacrifice, offering, offer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2077 Aramaic Spelling: דבח Strong's Aramaic #: a.1685

( masc., מזבח ) Translation: ALTAR Definition: [To be verified] The place of sacrifice. KJV Translations: alter Aramaic Spelling: מדבח Strong's Aramaic #: a.4056

( masc., מזבח / miz-bey-ahh ) Translation: ALTAR Definition: The place of sacrifice. KJV Translations: alter Strong's Hebrew #: h.4196

( טבח )

( common, טבח / t.b.hh ) Translation: BUTCHER (V) Definition: One who slaughters animals or dresses their flesh. KJV Translations: kill, slaughter, slay Strong's Hebrew #: h.2873

( masc., טבח / te-vahh ) Translation: SLAUGHTERING Definition: The act of slaughtering, the meat of the slaughter or one who slaughters. Also an executioner as one who slaughters. KJV Translations: slaughter, slay, sore, beast, guard, cook Strong's Hebrew #: h.2874, h.2876 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2877

( fem., טבחה ) Translation: COOK Definition: [To be verified] One who slaughters animals for food. KJV Translations: cook Strong's Hebrew #: h.2879

( masc., מטבח ) Translation: SLAUGHTER KJV Translations: slaughter Strong's Hebrew #: h.4293

( fem., טיבחה ) Translation: SLAUGHTER Definition: [To be verified] The act of slaughtering. Also the meat of the slaughter. KJV Translations: flesh, slaughter Strong's Hebrew #: h.2878

( בט ) Action: Utter Object: Cracks, Marble, Belly, Waist Definition: Something that is broken up into pieces.

( fem., בטה ) Translation: DESOLATION Relationship to Root: The crevices, clefts and cracks in rock cliffs and outcroppings. Something that is broken into pieces. A place of desolation. Alternate Spellings: בתה KJV Translations: waste, desolate Strong's Hebrew #: h.1326, h.1327

( בטא ) Definition: An incoherent, broken or rash utterance of words usually spoken as a vow.

( common, בטא / b.t.a ) Translation: UTTER (V) Definition: To speak out words. Alternate Spellings: בטה KJV Translations: pronounce, speak unadvisedly Strong's Hebrew #: h.0981

( masc., מבטא ) Translation: UTTERANCE Definition: Words that are spoken out. KJV Translations: uttered Strong's Hebrew #: h.4008

( בהט ) Definition: The intersecting lines of marble appear as broken pieces.

( masc., בהט ) Translation: RED.MARBLE KJV Translations: red Strong's Hebrew #: h.0923

( בטן ) Relationship to Parent: the middle of the body as a division

( fem., בטן / be-ten ) Translation: WOMB Definition: An organ where something is generated or grows before birth. KJV Translations: belly, womb, body, within, born Strong's Hebrew #: h.0990

( masc., בוטן / bo-ten ) Translation: PISTACHIO Definition: A greenish-yellow nut from a small tree of the same name. From its belly shape. KJV Translations: nuts Strong's Hebrew #: h.0992

( בנט ) Relationship to Parent: The middle of the body as a division

( masc., אבנט / av-neyt ) Translation: SASH Definition: A waistband worn around the waist. KJV Translations: girdle Strong's Hebrew #: h.0073

( בתק ) Definition: A cutting into pieces.

( common, בתק ) Translation: CUT (V) KJV Translations: thrust Strong's Hebrew #: h.1333

( בתר ) Definition: A cutting into two pieces.

( common, בתר / b.t.r ) Translation: CUT.IN.TWO (V) Definition: To sever into two pieces or parts. KJV Translations: divide Strong's Hebrew #: h.1334

( masc., בתר / be-ter ) Translation: CUT.PIECE Definition: A sacrificial animal that has been cut into pieces. KJV Translations: piece, part Strong's Hebrew #: h.1335

( בי ) Action: Need Object: Empty Abstract: Sorrow Definition: An empty hand desiring to be filled. Relationships: This root is closely related to בא and בה. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , a picture of the house represents what is inside. The is the hand. When combined these mean "inside the hand".

( אבי ) Definition: A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( masc., אבוי ) Translation: SORROW Definition: [To be verified] A pain of desire. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.0017

( masc., אביון / ev-yon ) Translation: NEEDY Definition: In a condition of need or want. KJV Translations: needy, poor, beggar Strong's Hebrew #: h.0034

( fem., אביונה ) Translation: WANTS Definition: [To be verified] A void that one desires to fill. KJV Translations: desire Strong's Hebrew #: h.0035

( בך ) Action: Weep, Roll, Entangle Object: Tears, Spring Abstract: Confusion Definition: The placing of one eyes in the palms when crying. A weeping from mourning or from the billowing of smoke in the eyes. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a tent representing what is inside. The is the palms of the hand. Combined these mean the "inside the palms".

( אבך ) Definition: The rolling of the tears down the cheek.

( common, אבך ) Translation: ROLL (V) Definition: [To be verified] The rolling of smoke. KJV Translations: mount up Strong's Hebrew #: h.0055

( בכא )

( masc., בכא ) Translation: BALSAM Definition: [To be verified] A tree that weeps sap when cut. KJV Translations: mulberry tree Strong's Hebrew #: h.1057

( בכה )

( common, בכה / b.k.h ) Translation: WEEP (V) Definition: To express deep sorrow, especially by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, bewail, sore, mourned, wail Strong's Hebrew #: h.1058

( masc., בכה ) Translation: WEEP KJV Translations: sore Strong's Hebrew #: h.1059

( fem., בכית / be-khit ) Translation: TIME.OF.WEEPING Definition: A period of sadness or mourning. KJV Translations: mourning Strong's Hebrew #: h.1068

( masc., בכי / be-khi ) Translation: WEEPING Definition: The act of expressing sorrow by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, overflowing, sore Strong's Hebrew #: h.1065

( בוך ) Definition: To be tangled, confused or lost in a place of uncertainty that can bring one to tears.

( common, בוך / b.w.k ) Translation: ENTANGLED (V) Definition: Twisted together or interwoven in a confused manner. Involved. KJV Translations: perplexed, entangled Strong's Hebrew #: h.0943

( fem., מבוכה ) Translation: CONFUSION Definition: [To be verified] A state of entanglement. KJV Translations: perplexity Strong's Hebrew #: h.3998

( נבך ) Relationship to Parent: a weeping of the land

( masc., נבך ) Translation: SPRING Definition: [To be verified] A spring of water. KJV Translations: spring Strong's Hebrew #: h.5033

( בל ) Action: Flow, Wear, Stir, Mix, Twist Object: Fodder, Stream, Flood, Old Abstract: Nothing, Trouble Definition: A flowing of any substance.

( masc., בל ) Translation: NONE Definition: Not any, no part. Relationship to Root: To come to nothing when effort is given. Edenics: ball; bowl; flow - with the exchange of the f for a b KJV Translations: none, not, nor, lest, nothing, not, neither, no Strong's Hebrew #: h.1077

( masc., בלי / be-li ) Translation: UNAWARE Definition: Without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation. Alternate Translations: not; lack of (when followed with the word "WITHOUT") KJV Translations: not, without, lack, confusion Strong's Hebrew #: h.1097

( fem., תבלית ) Translation: RUIN Definition: [To be verified] A complete flowing away of something by destruction. KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.8399

( masc., בלו ) Translation: TRIBUTE Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: tribute Strong's Aramaic #: a.1093

( בלל ) Definition: A flowing or mixing of a liquid or solid.

( common, בלל / b.l.l ) Translation: MIX (V) Definition: To combine in one mass; to mingle together. KJV Translations: mingle, confound, anoint, mix Strong's Hebrew #: h.1101

( masc., בליל ) Translation: FODDER Definition: [To be verified] A mixed feed for livestock. KJV Translations: fodder, corn, provender Strong's Hebrew #: h.1098

( fem., תבל ) Translation: UNNATURAL.MIX Definition: An action that lacks any results. KJV Translations: confusion Strong's Hebrew #: h.8397

( masc., תבלול ) Translation: CATARACT Definition: The clouding color of the eyes that appear as a mixture. KJV Translations: blemish Strong's Hebrew #: h.8400

( אבל ) Definition: A flowing of tears.

( common, אבל / a.b.l ) Translation: MOURN (V) Definition: To feel or express grief or sorrow. KJV Translations: mourn, mourner, lament Strong's Hebrew #: h.0056

( common, אבל / a-veyl ) Translation: MOURNING Definition: A flowing of tears. Also, a meadow as a weeping ground. KJV Translations: mourning, plain Strong's Hebrew #: h.0057, h.0058, h.0060

( masc., אבל / a-val ) Translation: NEVERTHELESS Definition: In spite of that. A flowing of certainty. KJV Translations: but, nevertheless, indeed Strong's Hebrew #: h.0061

( masc., אובל ) Translation: WATERWAY Definition: [To be verified] A flowing of water. KJV Translations: river Strong's Hebrew #: h.0180

( בלא ) Definition: A flowing away life.

( masc., בלא ) Translation: OLD Alternate Spellings: בלוי KJV Translations: old Strong's Hebrew #: h.1094

( הבל ) Definition: A flowing out or away of contents.

( common, הבל ) Translation: VAIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be void of usefulness. KJV Translations: become vain Strong's Hebrew #: h.1891

( masc., הבל ) Translation: VANITY Definition: The state of being empty of contents or usefulness. KJV Translations: vanity Strong's Hebrew #: h.1892

( בהל ) Definition: The flowing of the insides through trouble, amazement, haste or anxiety.

( common, בהל / b.h.l ) Translation: STIR (V) Definition: To disturb the quiet of; agitate. KJV Translations: haste, trouble, amaze, afraid, vex, rash, dismay, speedy, thrust out Strong's Hebrew #: h.0926 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0927

( fem., בהלה ) Translation: DISMAY Definition: Sudden trouble, terror or ruin. KJV Translations: trouble, terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.0928

( masc., בהיל ) Translation: HASTE Alternate Spellings: בהילו KJV Translations: haste Strong's Aramaic #: a.0924

( בלה ) Definition: A flowing away of function, life or strength.

( common, בלה / b.l.h ) Translation: WEAR.OUT (V) Definition: To make useless, especially by long or hard usage. KJV Translations: waxed old, old, consume, waste, enjoy Strong's Hebrew #: h.1086, h.1089

( masc., בלה ) Translation: WORN.OUT KJV Translations: old, wear out Strong's Hebrew #: h.1087 Aramaic Spelling: בלא Strong's Aramaic #: a.1080

( fem., בלהה ) Translation: TERROR Definition: [To be verified] A flowing away of the insides. KJV Translations: terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.1091

( בול ) Definition: A large flowing of water. As the river rises and overflows its banks, the surrounding lands are flooded depositing the water for growing the crops.

( masc., בול ) Translation: OVERGROWTH Definition: [To be verified] The large amount of vegetation that grows on the banks of a river. KJV Translations: food, stock Strong's Hebrew #: h.0944

( masc., מבול / ma-bul ) Translation: FLOOD Definition: To cover with an overwhelming quantity or volume of water. KJV Translations: flood Strong's Hebrew #: h.3999

( יבל ) Definition: A flowing of wealth, water or sound.

( common, יבל / y.b.l ) Translation: BRING (V) Definition: To cause to come by leading or dragging. KJV Translations: carry, brought Strong's Hebrew #: h.2986 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2987

( masc., יבל ) Translation: WATERCOURSE Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: stream, course Strong's Hebrew #: h.2988

( fem., יבלת ) Translation: ULCER Definition: A flowing or seeping lesion. KJV Translations: wen Strong's Hebrew #: h.2990

( masc., יבול ) Translation: PRODUCT Definition: The produce of fruits and crops that flourish in fields frequently flooded. KJV Translations: increase, fruit Strong's Hebrew #: h.2981

( masc., יובל / yo-vel ) Translation: TRUMPET Definition: An instrument of flowing air to make a sound. Also, the horn of a ram as used as a trumpet. KJV Translations: jubilee, ram's horn, trumpet Strong's Hebrew #: h.3104

( fem., תיבל / tey-vel ) Translation: EARTH Definition: The whole of the land or region. Relationship to Root: A land flowing with substance. KJV Translations: world, habitable part Strong's Hebrew #: h.8398

( masc., יובל ) Translation: CREEK Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: river Strong's Hebrew #: h.3105

( בבל ) Definition: A mixing up.

( masc., בבל ) Translation: MIXED.UP Definition: To be put together indiscriminately or confusedly. Edenics: babble KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( בלם ) Definition: A binding of the mouth to restrain an animal.

( common, בלם ) Translation: MUZZLE (V) KJV Translations: held Strong's Hebrew #: h.1102

( בלע ) Relationship to Parent: flowing down the throat

( common, בלע / b.l.ah ) Translation: SWALLOW (V) Definition: To pass through the mouth and move into the esophagus to the stomach. KJV Translations: swallow, destroy, devour, covered Strong's Hebrew #: h.1104

( masc., בלע ) Translation: SWALLOWED Definition: To take in so as to envelope. KJV Translations: devouring, swallowed Strong's Hebrew #: h.1105

( בלק ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( common, בלק / b.l.q ) Translation: LAY.WASTE (V) Definition: To devestate, destroy or ruin. KJV Translations: waste Strong's Hebrew #: h.1110

( בלת ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( masc., בילתי / bil-ti ) Translation: EXCEPT Definition: With the exclusion of from the whole. The whole with the exception of one or more. Alternate Translations: not; by not (when prefixed with "to~") KJV Translations: not, except Strong's Hebrew #: h.1115

( דבל )

( fem., דבלה ) Translation: CAKE Definition: A bread made of pressed figs. KJV Translations: cake, lump Strong's Hebrew #: h.1690

( טבל )

( common, טבל / t.b.l ) Translation: DIP (V) Definition: To plunge or immerse momentarily or partially, as under the surface of a liquid, to moisten, cool, or coat. KJV Translations: dip, plunge Strong's Hebrew #: h.2881

( masc., טבול ) Translation: TURBAN Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dyed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2871

( כבל ) Relationship to Parent: the fibers flowing over each other

( masc., כבל ) Translation: FETTER Definition: [To be verified] As twisted together. KJV Translations: fetters Strong's Hebrew #: h.3525

( נבל )

( common, נבל / n.b.l ) Translation: FADE (V) Definition: To degrade a person, action or object. To droop or pass away. To wither away as a leaf. To wear out of strength. To act unproductively. KJV Translations: fall, esteem, foolishly, nought, vile Strong's Hebrew #: h.5034

( masc., נבל ) Translation: PITCHER Definition: A vessel for holding liquids such as a bottle or skin bag. Also a musical instrument of similar shape. KJV Translations: psalteries, bottle, viol, flagon, pitcher, vessel Strong's Hebrew #: h.5035

( fem., נבלה ) Translation: DEAD.BODY Definition: The remains of a creature or person that has lost its life. KJV Translations: carcass, die, dead, body Strong's Hebrew #: h.5038

( fem., נבלות ) Translation: VAGINA Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of flowing. KJV Translations: lewdness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5040

( נבל )

( masc., נבל ) Translation: FOOL Definition: A silly or stupid person (in the sense of fading away). KJV Translations: fool, foolish, vile Strong's Hebrew #: h.5036

( fem., נבלה / ne-va-lah ) Translation: FOLLY Definition: Lack of good sense or prudence and foresight. In the sense of fading away. KJV Translations: folly, villany, vile Strong's Hebrew #: h.5039

( עבל )

( masc., עיבל ) Translation: ROUND.STONE Definition: A circular smooth rock. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עובל ) Translation: ROUNDED Definition: Of a circular shape. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( רבל )

( fem., ריבלה ) Translation: FRUITFUL Definition: Bountiful of produce. (A noun of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( שבל ) Definition: The flooding of the river which provides water to the surrounding crop fields. Relationship to Parent: as a flowing

( common, שבל / sh.b.l ) Translation: EXCHANGE (V) Definition: The act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. To buy or sell produce, usually grain. Bartering. Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: buy, sell Strong's Hebrew #: h.7666

( masc., שבל / she-ver ) Translation: GRAIN.SEEDS Definition: A family of grasses used for food. (In the sense of being traded or sold) Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: corn, victuals Strong's Hebrew #: h.7668

( masc., שביל ) Translation: PATH Definition: [To be verified] As the path of a stream. KJV Translations: path Strong's Hebrew #: h.7635

( masc., שובל ) Translation: UPPER.LEG Definition: The thigh muscle of the lower appendages. KJV Translations: leg Strong's Hebrew #: h.7640

( masc., שבלול ) Translation: SNAIL Definition: [To be verified] From the trail it leaves appearing like a stream. KJV Translations: snail Strong's Hebrew #: h.7642

( masc., שיבול / shi-bol ) ( fem., שיבולת ) Translation: EAR.OF.GRAIN Definition: The cluster of seeds found on grass crops. Relationship to Root: From the floods that gives water to the soil for growing crops. Alternate Spellings: חבלת סבלת KJV Translations: branch, channel, flood, ear Strong's Hebrew #: h.5451, h.7641

( שבק ) Relationship to Parent: empty

( common, שבק / sh.b.q ) Translation: LEAVE.ALONE (V) Definition: To be left isolated. KJV Translations: leave, alone Strong's Aramaic #: a.7662

( בם ) Action: Marry Object: High, Beast, Brother-in-law Definition: Anything that is tall, high or that is lifted up or exalted.

( בהם ) Definition: A tall creature.

( fem., בהמה / be-hey-mah ) Translation: BEAST Definition: An animal as distinguished from man or a plant. A tall or large creature. Also representative of wealth, as one who is exalted. KJV Translations: beast, cattle Strong's Hebrew #: h.0929, h.0930

( במה )

( fem., במה ) Translation: PLATFORM Definition: A place higher than the surrounding area. Often used in reference to sacred, or exalted, places. KJV Translations: high place, heights, wave Strong's Hebrew #: h.1116

( יבם ) Definition: When a husband dies his brother takes his place as his sister-in-laws husband. Any children born to him will be of his brother's line in order to continue, lift up, his family.

( common, יבם / y.b.m ) Translation: DO.THE.MARRIAGE.DUTY (V) Definition: To perform the duty of the brother-in-law. When a brother dies, it is his brother's responsibility to marry his sister-in-law to provide his brother a child there-by, exalting the woman to her responsibility of bringing a child for her dead husband. KJV Translations: marry Strong's Hebrew #: h.2992

( masc., יבם ) Translation: BROTHER.IN.LAW Definition: A male sibling of one's spouse. KJV Translations: husband's brother Strong's Hebrew #: h.2993

( fem., יבמת ) Translation: SISTER.IN.LAW Definition: A female sibling of one's spouse. KJV Translations: brother's wife, sister in law Strong's Hebrew #: h.2994

( בן ) Action: Build, Plan Object: Tent panel, Son, Stone, Thumb, Building, White Abstract: Intelligence, Understanding Definition: The tent was constructed of woven goat hair. Over time the sun bleaches and weakens the goat hair necessitating their continual replacement. Each year the women make a new panel, approximately 3 feet wide and the length of the tent. The old panel is removed (being recycled into a wall or floor) and the new strip is added to the tent. Since the tent is only replaced one small piece at a time the tent essentially lasts forever. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent. The is a picture of a sprouting seed and represents continuity as the seed continues the next generation. The combined meaning of these letters mean "the continuing of the house".

( masc., בן / ben ) Translation: SON Definition: A male offspring. This can be the son or a later male descendant of the father. One who continues the family line. Relationship to Root: There are many similarities between building a tent out of goat hair panels and the building of a house out of sons (The idea of building a house with sons can be seen in Genesis 30.3). Just as the tent panels are added to continue the tent, sons are born to the family to continue the family line. Just as the tent is continually being renewed with new panels, the family is continually being renewed with new sons. KJV Translations: son, children, old, first, man, young, stranger, people Strong's Hebrew #: h.1121, h.1248 Aramaic Spelling: בר Strong's Aramaic #: a.1123, a.1247

( fem., בת / bat ) Translation: DAUGHTER Definition: A female having the relation of a child to parent. A village that resides outside of the city walls; as "the daughter of the city." KJV Translations: daughter, town, village, first, apple, branches, children, company, eye, old Strong's Hebrew #: h.1323

( masc., תבן / te-ven ) Translation: STRAW Definition: Stalks of grain after threshing; dry, stalky plant residue. When more permanent structures were built, they were constructed of stones and bricks made of clay and straw; replacing the tent panels as the main component of construction for dwellings. KJV Translations: straw, stubble, chaff Strong's Hebrew #: h.8401

( masc., מתבן ) Translation: STRAW Definition: [To be verified] When more permanent structures were built they were constructed of stones and bricks, made of clay and straw, replacing the tent panels as the main component of construction for dwellings. KJV Translations: straw Strong's Hebrew #: h.4963

( בנן ) Definition: The building of a family or a structure for housing the family.

( masc., בנין ) Translation: BUILDING KJV Translations: building Strong's Hebrew #: h.1146 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1147

( אבן )

( fem., אבן / e-ven ) Translation: STONE Definition: A piece of rock, often in the context of building material. KJV Translations: stone Strong's Hebrew #: h.0068 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0069

( masc., אובן / o-ven ) Translation: STONE.STOOL Definition: A platform made of stone and used by a potter or a midwife. KJV Translations: stone, wheel Strong's Hebrew #: h.0070

( הבן ) Definition: The hardness of stone or brick.

( masc., הבן ) Translation: EBONY Definition: [To be verified] A hard wood. KJV Translations: ebony Strong's Hebrew #: h.1894

( בהן ) Definition: The part of the body understood as the builder by the Hebrews.

( fem., בוהן / bo-hen ) Translation: THUMB Definition: The opposable digit of the hand. Also the big toe of the foot. Perceived as the builder because of its unique abilities. KJV Translations: thumb, great toe Strong's Hebrew #: h.0931

( בנה ) Definition: A structure built for occupation.

( common, בנה / b.n.h ) Translation: BUILD (V) Definition: To construct a building or home with wood, stone or other material or a family with sons. Edenics: beam - a component of construction with an exchange for the m and n. KJV Translations: build, build up, builder, repair, set up, building, make, children Strong's Hebrew #: h.1129 Aramaic Spelling: בנא Strong's Aramaic #: a.1124

( fem., בניה ) Translation: BUILDING KJV Translations: building Strong's Hebrew #: h.1140

( masc., מבנה ) Translation: STRUCTURE Definition: [To be verified] The framework of a building. KJV Translations: frame Strong's Hebrew #: h.4011

( fem., תבנית / tav-nit ) Translation: PATTERN Definition: A model or instructions detailing a construction. KJV Translations: pattern, likeness, form, similtude, figure Strong's Hebrew #: h.8403

( בון ) Definition: The skill of the mind and hands to build. Before the tent is constructed the location and orientation must be carefully considered according to weather, view and size. The planning and building of a house, structure or family.

( masc., תבון / ta-vun ) ( fem., תבונה / te-vu-nah ) Translation: INTELLIGENCE Definition: The ability to learn, reason, plan and build. KJV Translations: understanding, discretion, reasons, skillfulness, wisdom Strong's Hebrew #: h.8394

( בין ) Definition: The tent was usually divided into two parts, one for the females and the other for the male. The wall makes a distinction between the two sides. Understanding as the ability to discern between two or more things.

( common, בין / b.y.n ) Translation: UNDERSTAND (V) Definition: To grasp the meaning of; to have comprehension. KJV Translations: understand, cunning, skilful, teacher, taught, consider, perceive, wise, viewed, discern, prudent, consider Strong's Hebrew #: h.0995

( masc., בין / beyn ) Translation: BETWEEN Definition: In the time, space or interval that separates. Relationship to Root: As the wall is between the two sides of the tent. Edenics: between - with the t added KJV Translations: between, among, asunder, betwixt, within, out of, from Strong's Hebrew #: h.0996, h.1143 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0997

( fem., בינה ) Translation: UNDERSTANDING Definition: A comprehension of the construction of a structure or thought. KJV Translations: understanding, wisdom, knowledge, meaning, perfectly, understand Strong's Hebrew #: h.0998 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0999

( לבן ) Relationship to Parent: a building material

( common, לבן / l.b.n ) Translation: MAKE.BRICKS (V) Definition: To shape moist clay or earth into blocks for construction purposes. Can also mean to be "white." KJV Translations: white, brick, whiter Strong's Hebrew #: h.3835(x2)

( fem., לבנה / le-vey-nah ) Translation: BRICK Definition: A building material typically rectangular and of moist clay hardened by heat. KJV Translations: paved, brick, tile Strong's Hebrew #: h.3840, h.3843

( masc., מלבן ) Translation: BRICK.KILN Definition: [To be verified] A furnace for firing bricks. KJV Translations: brickkiln Strong's Hebrew #: h.4404

( בס ) Action: Trample, Feed, Swell, Subdue Object: Corral, Fat, Spice, Footstool, Dough Abstract: Anger Definition: The corral or pen is used for storing livestock.

( אבס ) Definition: Livestock chosen for slaughter are placed in pens and fed to make them.

( common, אבס ) Translation: FEED.GRAIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To feed livestock or fowl grain to make fat. KJV Translations: fatted, stalled Strong's Hebrew #: h.0075

( masc., אבוס ) Translation: MANGER Definition: [To be verified] A feeding trough. KJV Translations: crib Strong's Hebrew #: h.0018

( masc., מאבוס ) Translation: GRANARY Definition: [To be verified] A place for storing feed. KJV Translations: storehouse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3965

( בוס ) Definition: The ground inside the stall is heavily trampled by the livestock and made hard and compact.

( common, בוס / b.w.s ) Translation: TRAMPLE.DOWN (V) Definition: To purposely destroy by stomping upon to break or smash. KJV Translations: tread, loathe Strong's Hebrew #: h.0947

( fem., תבוסה ) Translation: TRAMPLED Definition: [To be verified] To be destroyed by being tread upon. KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.8395

( fem., מבוסה ) Translation: TRAMPLED KJV Translations: tread down, tread under foot Strong's Hebrew #: h.4001

( בנס )

( common, בנס ) Translation: ANGER (V) KJV Translations: angry Strong's Aramaic #: a.1149

( בסם )

( masc., בשם / ba-sham ) Translation: BALSAM Definition: A sweet smelling spice. KJV Translations: spice Strong's Hebrew #: h.1313

( fem., בסמת ) Translation: FRAGRANCE Definition: The pleasing aroma of a sweet smelling spice. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., בוסם / bo-sem ) Translation: SWEET.SPICE Definition: An aromatic spice that is pleasing to the nose. Edenics: balsam - with an added l KJV Translations: spice, sweet, sweet Strong's Hebrew #: h.1314

( masc., מבסם ) Translation: SPICE.PLACE Definition: The location of growing or selling spices. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( בצק ) Definition: The swelling of dough as it ferments.

( common, בצק / b.ts.q ) Translation: SWELL.UP (V) Definition: To rise or increase in size. KJV Translations: swell Strong's Hebrew #: h.1216

( masc., בצק / ba-tseyq ) Translation: DOUGH Definition: A mass of flour and water that rises when yeast is added and is then baked into bread or cakes. KJV Translations: dough, flour Strong's Hebrew #: h.1217

( בשס )

( common, בשס ) Translation: TRAMPLE (V) KJV Translations: tread Strong's Hebrew #: h.1318

( כבס ) Definition: Clothes were placed in the cleaning solution and trampled on.

( common, כבס / k.b.s ) Translation: WASH (V) Definition: To immerse articles of clothing into a cleaning solution and agitate them, usually by treading upon them, to clean them; to clean the body. KJV Translations: wash, fuller Strong's Hebrew #: h.3526

( כבש )

( common, כבש / k.b.sh ) Translation: SUBDUE (V) Definition: To conquer and bring into subjection; bring under control. Place the foot on the land in the sense of subduing it. Also, to place one’s foot into another nation in the sense of subduing it. KJV Translations: subdue, subjection, bondage, under, force Strong's Hebrew #: h.3533

( masc., כבש ) Translation: FOOTSTOOL KJV Translations: footstool Strong's Hebrew #: h.3534

( masc., כיבשן / kiv-shan ) Translation: FURNACE Definition: An enclosed structure in which heat is produced by burning wood inside. Relationship to Root: unknown connection to root KJV Translations: furnace Strong's Hebrew #: h.3536

( בע ) Action: Swell, Burn, Belch, Shake, Kick Object: Spring, Heap, Boils, Thigh Abstract: Fear Definition: A gushing over or swelling up as an eruption or a fountain.

( masc., בעי ) Translation: HEAP Definition: [To be verified] A mound of dirt over a grave. KJV Translations: grave Strong's Hebrew #: h.1164

( אבע )

( fem., אבעבועה / a-va-bu-ah ) Translation: PUSTULE Definition: A swelling irritation that festers on the skin. An inflammatory pustule as an eruption. KJV Translations: blains Strong's Hebrew #: h.0076

( בעה )

( common, בעה ) Translation: SEEK (V) KJV Translations: boil, swelling, seek, enquire, ask, desire, pray, request Strong's Hebrew #: h.1158 Aramaic Spelling: בעא Strong's Aramaic #: a.1156

( בוע ) Definition: A swelling up of water from the ground.

( masc., מבוע ) Translation: SPRING KJV Translations: fountain Strong's Hebrew #: h.4002

( בעט )

( common, בעט / b.ah.t ) Translation: KICK (V) Definition: To strike with the foot. KJV Translations: kick Strong's Hebrew #: h.1163

( בער ) Definition: A burning with fire or rage.

( common, בער / b.ah.r ) Translation: BURN (V) Definition: To undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire; have fierce anger Alternate Translations: ignite (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: burn, kindle, brutish, eaten, set Strong's Hebrew #: h.1197

( masc., בער ) Translation: BARBAROUS Definition: [To be verified] A burning one. KJV Translations: brutish, foolish Strong's Hebrew #: h.1198

( fem., בערה / be-ey-rah ) Translation: BURNING Definition: Something that is aflame with fire. KJV Translations: fire Strong's Hebrew #: h.1200

( fem., תבערה / tav-ey-rah ) Translation: KINDLED Definition: To set fire to or ignite. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., בעתה ) Translation: TROUBLE Definition: [To be verified] What causes fear. KJV Translations: trouble Strong's Hebrew #: h.1205

( masc., בעור ) Translation: IGNITING Definition: To set on fire. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., ביעות ) Translation: TERROR Definition: [To be verified] What causes fear. KJV Translations: terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.1161

( טבע )

( common, טבע / t.b.ah ) Translation: SINK (V) Definition: To fall, drop, or descend down to a lower level. KJV Translations: sink, drown, settle, fasten Strong's Hebrew #: h.2883

( fem., טבעת / ta-ba-at ) Translation: RING Definition: A circular band of metal or other durable material. Also the signet ring containing the mark of the owner that is sunk into a lump of clay as a seal. KJV Translations: ring Strong's Hebrew #: h.2885

( נבע ) Relationship to Parent: as a swelling of the stomach

( common, נבע ) Translation: BELCH (V) KJV Translations: utter, pour, send, flow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5042

( פחד ) Definition: The shaking and trembling of the thighs when afraid or in reverence of an awesome thing.

( common, פחד / p.hh.d ) Translation: SHAKE.IN.AWE (V) Definition: To physically or mentally tremble in amazement or fear. KJV Translations: fear, afraid, awe, shake Strong's Hebrew #: h.6342

( masc., פחד / pa-hhad ) Translation: AWE Definition: As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. KJV Translations: fear, dread, terror, stone Strong's Hebrew #: h.6343, h.6344

( fem., פחדה ) Translation: AWESOMENESS KJV Translations: fear Strong's Hebrew #: h.6345

( צבע ) Definition: The dipping of the finger into a vat of dye and dripping color onto something.

( common, צבע ) Translation: WET (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be wet with the drops of dew. KJV Translations: wet Strong's Hebrew #: h.6641 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6647

( masc., צבע ) Translation: SPOTS Definition: [To be verified] Something spotted with different colors. KJV Translations: colors Strong's Hebrew #: h.6648

( masc., צבעון ) Translation: SPLASHED Definition: To appear spattered. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., אצבע / ets-ba ) Translation: FINGER Definition: The extension of the hand. Can be used to point. Relationship to Root: Through the sense of dipping into a liquid, such as blood, and dripping drops onto something. KJV Translations: finger, toe Strong's Hebrew #: h.0676 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0677

( בץ ) Object: Mud, Linen, Egg

( masc., בץ ) Translation: MUD KJV Translations: mire Strong's Hebrew #: h.1206

( fem., בצה ) Translation: SWAMP KJV Translations: mire, fens, miry place Strong's Hebrew #: h.1207

( בוץ )

( masc., בוץ ) Translation: LINEN Definition: [To be verified] White and fine linen. KJV Translations: linen Strong's Hebrew #: h.0948

( ביץ ) Definition: The miry texture of egg whites.

( fem., ביצה ) Translation: EGG Definition: The roundish reproductive body produced by the female bird. KJV Translations: egg Strong's Hebrew #: h.1000

( בק ) Action: Drain, Fail, Wrestle Object: Bottle, Dust, Empty Definition: A thing or place empty of contents or inhabitants.

( masc., בקבוק ) Translation: BOTTLE KJV Translations: bottle, cruse Strong's Hebrew #: h.1228

( בקק )

( common, בקק / b.q.q ) Translation: EMPTY.OUT (V) Definition: To be drained away. KJV Translations: empty, make void, emptier, fail Strong's Hebrew #: h.1238

( אבק ) Definition: The arid landscape of an empty land.

( common, אבק / a.b.q ) Translation: GRAPPLE (V) Definition: A hand-to-hand struggle. Rolling around in the dust when wrestling. KJV Translations: wrestled Strong's Hebrew #: h.0079

( masc., אבק / a-vaq ) Translation: DUST Definition: Fine particles of earth or other material that are easily disturbed to create a cloud. KJV Translations: dust, powder Strong's Hebrew #: h.0080

( fem., אבקה ) Translation: AROMATIC.POWDER KJV Translations: powders Strong's Hebrew #: h.0081

( בהק ) Definition: A harmless skin rash or spot empty of fluid.

( masc., בהק ) Translation: RASH Definition: A harmless eruption of the skin. KJV Translations: freckled spot Strong's Hebrew #: h.0933

( בוק )

( masc., בוקי ) ( fem., בוקה ) Translation: VACANT Definition: In a state of emptiness, void or waste. Edenics: vacuum - an exchange for the b and v; vacant, vacate KJV Translations: empty Strong's Hebrew #: h.0950

( fem., מבוקה ) Translation: DRAINED KJV Translations: void Strong's Hebrew #: h.4003

( דבק )

( common, דבק / d.b.q ) Translation: ADHERE (V) Definition: To join or stick to someone or something. KJV Translations: cleave, follow, overtake, stick, keep, abide, close, join, pursue Strong's Hebrew #: h.1692 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1693

( masc., דבק ) Translation: FASTENER Definition: An item for joining items together. KJV Translations: joint, soldering, cleave, join, stick Strong's Hebrew #: h.1694, h.1695

( בר ) Action: Feed, Fly, Fatten, Divide, Eat, Kneel, Thrust, Kneel Object: Grain, Soap, Wing, Pit, Fat, Meat, Palace, Warrior, Cypress, Sword, Knee Abstract: Covenant, Prevail Definition: The plant families of grains such as wheat and barley have a cluster of seeds at the top of the stalk called "heads". These grains were used for food for both man and livestock. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a tent but also represents the family which resides inside the tent. The is a picture of a head. Combined these have the meaning of "family of heads".

( masc., בר / bar ) Translation: GRAIN Definition: A seed or fruit of a cereal grass. The grain and the field as a place for growing grain. Relationship to Root: Grains grown in fields were used for meal to make flour as well as feed for livestock. The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap. What is cleaned with soap becomes white or bright. Edenics: barley - a grain; beer - made from grain; boar - as fat; barn - grain storage; pure - as clean with soap with an exchange for the p and b KJV Translations: corn, wheat, field Strong's Hebrew #: h.1250 Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic this word means a "field" as the place of grain. Strong's Aramaic #: a.1251

( masc., ברבור / bar-bur ) Translation: FOWL Definition: [To be verified] Birds fattened on the grains in the field. KJV Translations: fowl Strong's Hebrew #: h.1257

( ברר ) Definition: The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap.

( common, ברר ) Translation: CLEAN (V) Definition: [To be verified] The cleaning or polishing of something to make it bright or pure. May also mean "choice" in the sense of being clean or pure. KJV Translations: pure, choice, chosen, clean, clearly, manifest, bright, purge out, polished, purge, purified Strong's Hebrew #: h.1305

( masc., ברר / ba-rar ) Translation: CLEAN Definition: [To be verified] Cleanliness from soap. Also pure as a moral cleanliness. Alternate Spellings: בר KJV Translations: clean, pure, clear Strong's Hebrew #: h.1249

( אבר ) Definition: The fowl, fed on grain, becomes strong for the long flight.

( common, אבר ) Translation: SOAR (V) KJV Translations: fly Strong's Hebrew #: h.0082

( masc., אבר ) Translation: LONG.WINGED Definition: A large appendage of a bird used for flight. KJV Translations: wing, winged Strong's Hebrew #: h.0083

( fem., אברה ) Translation: FEATHER Definition: The principle covering of birds. KJV Translations: features, wing Strong's Hebrew #: h.0084

( masc., אביר / a-vir ) Translation: VALIANT Definition: Possessing or acting with bravery or boldness. The mighty power of a bird in flight. Anything or anyone of great mental or physical strength. KJV Translations: might, bulls, strong, mighty, stouthearted, valiant, angels, chiefest Strong's Hebrew #: h.0046, h.0047

( באר )

( common, באר / b.a.r ) Translation: EXPLAIN (V) Definition: To provide a meaning. KJV Translations: plain, plainly, declare Strong's Hebrew #: h.0874

( ברא ) Definition: Grain is fed to the livestock making them fat or full.

( common, ברא / b.r.a ) Translation: FATTEN (V) Definition: To make more substantial, fleshy or plump; to fill up. The filling of the earth in Genesis 1 with the sun, moon, plants and animals. The filling of man with breath and the image of God. KJV Translations: create, creator, choose, make, cut down, dispatch, done, fat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1254

( masc., בריא / ba-ri ) ( fem., בריאה ) Translation: FED.FAT Definition: A member of the livestock that has been fed grains to fatten it for the slaughter. KJV Translations: fat, rank, firm, fatter, fed, plenteous, new thing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1277, h.1278

( הבר )

( common, הבר ) Translation: DIVIDE (V) KJV Translations: astrologer Strong's Hebrew #: h.1895

( בהר ) Definition: What is cleaned with soap becomes white or bright.

( fem., בהרת ) Translation: BLISTER Definition: A thin sac or cyst on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury; a possible sign of leprosy. KJV Translations: bright spot Strong's Hebrew #: h.0934

( masc., בהיר ) Translation: BRIGHT KJV Translations: bright Strong's Hebrew #: h.0925

( ברה ) Definition: The grain is used as food for man or livestock. Livestock fed grains become fat and are the choicest for slaughter.

( common, ברה ) Translation: SELECT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To choose in the sense of choosing the best piece of meat. KJV Translations: eat, choose, give Strong's Hebrew #: h.1262

( fem., ברות ) Translation: MEAT Definition: [To be verified] The choicest meats are those from fatted livestock. KJV Translations: meat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1267

( fem., ברית / be-rit ) Translation: COVENANT Definition: A solemn and binding agreement between two or more parties especially for the performance of some action. Often instituted through a sacrifice. KJV Translations: covenant, league, confederacy, confederate Strong's Hebrew #: h.1285

( masc., בריה / be'rih ) Translation: FATTENED Definition: [To be verified] Livestock that are fed grains become fat. KJV Translations: fat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1274

( fem., ביריה ) Translation: MEAT KJV Translations: meat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1279

( בור )

( masc., בור ) Translation: CLEAN KJV Translations: cleanness, pureness, never Strong's Hebrew #: h.1252, h.1253

( fem., בורית ) Translation: SOAP KJV Translations: soap Strong's Hebrew #: h.1287

( ביר )

( fem., בירה ) Translation: PALACE KJV Translations: palace Strong's Hebrew #: h.1002 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1001

( fem., בירנית ) Translation: CASTLE KJV Translations: castle Strong's Hebrew #: h.1003

( ברך ) Definition: The bending at the knee to drink from a pond or present a gift. Relationship to Parent: as a filling with a gift; with the letter kaph, the full meaning being "to fill the palm".

( common, ברך / b.r.k ) Translation: KNEEL (V) Definition: To bend the knee, to kneel in homage or to kneel down to get a drink water. Alternate Translations: respect (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: bless, salute, curse, blaspheme, praise, kneel, congratulate Strong's Hebrew #: h.1288 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1289

( masc., ברך / be-rekh ) Translation: KNEE Definition: The joint between the femur and tibia of the leg. KJV Translations: knee Strong's Hebrew #: h.1290 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1291

( fem., ברכה / be-ra-khah ) Translation: PRESENT Definition: A gift given to another in respect as if on bended knee. Also, a pool of water as a place where one kneels down to drink from. KJV Translations: blessing, blessed, present, liberal, pool, fishpool Strong's Hebrew #: h.1293, h.1295

( masc., אברך / av-reykh ) Translation: BEND.THE.KNEE Definition: A kneeling down, often as a sign of respect to another. KJV Translations: knee Strong's Hebrew #: h.0086

( ברק ) Definition: The shining flash of a sword as it is thrust. Relationship to Parent: being bright

( common, ברק ) Translation: THRUST (V) Definition: [To be verified] To thrust a sword or throw lightning bolts. KJV Translations: cast Strong's Hebrew #: h.1299

( masc., ברק / ba-raq ) Translation: FLASH Definition: The bright light shining off the edge of a sword. The bright light of lightning. KJV Translations: lightning, glittering, bright, glitter, sword Strong's Hebrew #: h.1300

( fem., ברקת / ba-re-qet ) Translation: EMERALD Definition: "Possibly the Emerald, a green variety of Beryl. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning to flash or shimmer, while the Septuagint uses Smaragdos meaning a green stone. Other possible translations are Beryl or Quartz. " KJV Translations: carbuncle Strong's Hebrew #: h.1304

( masc., ברקן ) Translation: THORN.QUILL Definition: [To be verified] As a sharp sword. KJV Translations: brier Strong's Hebrew #: h.1303

( ברש ) Relationship to Parent: as a choice wood

( masc., ברוש ) Translation: CYPRESS Definition: [To be verified] The tree or the wood. Alternate Spellings: ברות KJV Translations: fir Strong's Hebrew #: h.1265, h.1266

( גבר ) Definition: One of great strength (warrior) or authority (master). Relationship to Parent: great strength

( common, גבר / g.b.r ) Translation: OVERCOME (V) Definition: To get the better of. Be successful in strength or authority. KJV Translations: prevail, strengthen, great, confirm, exceed, mighty, put, strong, valiant Strong's Hebrew #: h.1396

( masc., גבר / ge-ver ) Translation: WARRIOR Definition: One of great strength in battle, such as a warrior. One who is strong in authority, such as a master. KJV Translations: man, mighty, every Strong's Hebrew #: h.1397, h.1399 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1400

( fem., גברת / ge-ve-ret ) Translation: FEMALE.OWNER Definition: A female master overseeing slaves or servants. KJV Translations: mistress, lady Strong's Hebrew #: h.1404

( masc., גביר / ge-vir ) Translation: OWNER Definition: Possessor of an article or property. KJV Translations: lord Strong's Hebrew #: h.1376

( fem., גבירה ) Translation: MISTRESS KJV Translations: queen Strong's Hebrew #: h.1377

( fem., גבורה / ge-vo-rah ) Translation: BRAVERY Definition: An act of defending one's property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. KJV Translations: might, strength, power, mighty, force, mastery Strong's Hebrew #: h.1369 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1370

( masc., גיבר ) Translation: MIGHTY KJV Translations: mighty Strong's Aramaic #: a.1401

( masc., גיבור / gi-bor ) Translation: COURAGEOUS Definition: Having or characterized by mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty. KJV Translations: mighty, strong, valiant, upright, champion, chief, excel, giant Strong's Hebrew #: h.1368

( עבר ) Definition: The crossing over or passing through a land or water to gain access to the side beyond. Relationship to Parent: filling a land

( common, עבר / ah.b.r ) Translation: CROSS.OVER (V) Definition: To pass from one side to the other; to go across a river or through a land; to transgress in the sense of crossing over. KJV Translations: over, pass, through, go, away Strong's Hebrew #: h.5668, h.5674 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5675

( masc., עבר / ey-ver ) Translation: OTHER.SIDE Definition: As being across from this side. Edenics: over; ford - with the exchange of the f and b; ferry KJV Translations: over, pass, through, go, away Strong's Hebrew #: h.5676

( fem., עברה / ev-rah ) Translation: WRATH Definition: Strong vengeful anger. As crossing over from peace. KJV Translations: wrath, rage, anger Strong's Hebrew #: h.5678, h.5679

( masc., עברון / ev-ron ) ( fem., עברונה / ev-ro-nah ) Translation: CROSSING.ONE Definition: One who passes over or through. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מעבר / ma-a-var ) Translation: CROSSING Definition: A place or structure as on a street or over a river where pedestrians or vehicles pass from one side to the other. In the river for crossing. KJV Translations: ferry Strong's Hebrew #: h.4569

( masc., עבור / a-vur ) Translation: GRAIN KJV Translations: corn Strong's Hebrew #: h.5669

( בש ) Action: Wither, Stink, Dry, Rot Object: Genitals Abstract: Shame Definition: A drying up of a land, stream, plant, etc. When a wetland dries up the fish and vegetation die and begin to stink from the rotting matter. Shame in the sense of being whithered up.

( masc., בשן ) ( fem., בשנה ) Translation: SHAME Definition: A fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret. Relationship to Root: In the sense of being whithered up. KJV Translations: shame Strong's Hebrew #: h.1317

( באש ) Definition: The smell of a dried up marsh.

( common, באש / b.a.sh ) Translation: STINK (V) Definition: To emit a bad odor or be loathsome. KJV Translations: stink, abhor, abomination, loathsome, stinking, savour, displeased Strong's Hebrew #: h.0887 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0888

( masc., באש ) Translation: STINK Definition: [To be verified] A foul odor. KJV Translations: stink Strong's Hebrew #: h.0889

( fem., באשה ) Translation: STINKWEED KJV Translations: cockle Strong's Hebrew #: h.0890

( fem., באוש ) Translation: STINK KJV Translations: stink, bad Strong's Hebrew #: h.0891 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0873

( בוש ) Definition: Shame in the sense of being whithered up.

( common, בוש / b.w.sh ) Translation: BE.ASHAMED (V) Definition: Feeling shame, guilt or disgrace; to be dried up with shame. Alternate Translations: refrained (when written in the piel [intensive] form) Edenics: bashful KJV Translations: ashamed, confounded, shame, confusion, delayed, dry, long, shamed Strong's Hebrew #: h.0954

( fem., בושה ) Translation: SHAME Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being whithered and dried up. KJV Translations: shame Strong's Hebrew #: h.0955

( fem., בושת ) Translation: SHAME Definition: A state of confusion in the sense of being dried up. KJV Translations: shame, confusion, ashamed, greatly, shameful thing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1322

( masc., מבוש ) Translation: GENITALS Definition: The sexual organs. Relationship to Root: The feeling of shame when exposed. KJV Translations: secrets Strong's Hebrew #: h.4016

( יבש ) Definition: A dried up and withered land.

( common, יבש / y.b.sh ) Translation: DRY.OUT (V) Definition: To be withered, ashamed or confused. KJV Translations: dry up, withered, confounded, ashamed, dry, wither away, clean, shamed, shamefully Strong's Hebrew #: h.3001

( masc., יבש ) Translation: DRY KJV Translations: dry Strong's Hebrew #: h.3002

( fem., יבשה / ya-ba-shah ) Translation: DRY.GROUND Definition: Land that has become dried, parched or void of water. KJV Translations: dry, dry land, dry ground, land Strong's Hebrew #: h.3004

( fem., יבשת / ya-be-shet ) Translation: DRY.LAND Definition: An area void of moisture or water. KJV Translations: dry, land Strong's Hebrew #: h.3006 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3007

( לבש )

( common, לבש / l.b.sh ) Translation: WEAR (V) Definition: To cover with cloth or clothing; to provide with clothing; put on clothing. Alternate Translations: clothe (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: clothe, put, array, wear, arm, came, apparel, upon Strong's Hebrew #: h.3847 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3848

( masc., לבוש / le-vush ) Translation: CLOTHING Definition: Garments in general. KJV Translations: clothing, garment, apparel, vesture, clothed, put, raiment, vestment Strong's Hebrew #: h.3830 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3831

( masc., מלבוש ) Translation: CLOTHING KJV Translations: apparel, raiment, vestment Strong's Hebrew #: h.4403

( fem., תלבושת ) Translation: CLOTHING KJV Translations: clothing Strong's Hebrew #: h.8516

( עבש ) Definition: Something that is withered and dried up. Relationship to Parent: dried up

( common, עבש ) Translation: ROT (V) KJV Translations: rot Strong's Hebrew #: h.5685

( בת ) Action: Lodge Object: House Definition: The family mark is the name of the patriarch of the family (such as "the house of Jacob"). The primary function of the tent is to provide a protection and a sleeping area at night. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is the tent or house. The is two crossed sticks meaning a mark or sign.

( masc., בת / bat ) Translation: BAT Definition: [To be verified] A liquid standard of measure equal to 9 Imperial gallon. KJV Translations: bath Strong's Hebrew #: h.1324 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1325

( בות ) Definition: A place for spending the night.

( common, בות ) Translation: LODGE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To spend the night. KJV Translations: passed the night Strong's Aramaic #: a.0956

( בית ) Definition: The house or tent where the family spends the night.

( masc., בית / beyt ) Translation: HOUSE Definition: The structure or the family, as a household that resides within the house. A housing. Within. Alternate Translations: inside Edenics: bed - for sleeping at night in the house; both - the letter beyt is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet KJV Translations: house, household, home, within, family, temple, prison, place, dungeon Strong's Hebrew #: h.1004 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1005

( masc., ביתן ) Translation: PALACE Definition: [To be verified] A large house. KJV Translations: palace Strong's Hebrew #: h.1055