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Strong's 6501 to 7000

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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פרה pa-rah Reproduce (verb) 6509 To produce new individuals of the same kind; to be abundant in fruit. AHLB

פרח pa-rahh Burst Out (verb) 6524 To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. AHLB

פְּרִי pe-ree Produce 6529 Agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The harvested product of a crop. AHLB

פרץ pa-rats Break Out (verb) 6555 To be spread out wide or widespread. AHLB

פרר pa-rar Break (verb) 6565 To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. AHLB

פרשׁ pa-rash Spread Out (verb) 6566 To expand beyond a starting point; to be easily and plainly understood in the sense of being spread out to see. AHLB

פָּרָשׁ pa-rash Horseman 6571 One that rides a horse. AHLB

פשׁט pa-shat Peel Off (verb) 6584 To strip off an outer layer; to spread apart; to invade in the sense of spreading out for an attack; to strip off clothing in the sense of spreading the garment for removal. AHLB

פשׁע pa-sha Transgress (verb) 6586 ? AHLB

פֶּשַׁע pe-sha Transgression 6588 The exceeding of due bounds or limits. AHLB

פתה pa-tah Spread Wide (verb) 6601 To lay out in a large area. The piel (intensive) form means "persuade." AHLB

פתח pa-tahh Open (verb) 6605 To open up as opening a gate or door; to have no confining barrier. The piel (intensive) form means "engrave." AHLB

פֶּתַח pe-tahh Opening 6607 Something that is open, as an entrance or opening of a tent, house or city. AHLB

צֹאן tson Flocks 6629 Groups of birds or animals assembled or herded together. AHLB

צָבָא tsa-va Army 6635 A large organized group mustered together and armed for war or service. AHLB

צְבִי tse-vee Gazelle Buck 6643 An animal of a herd as an army. AHLB

צַד tsad Side 6654 An area next to something. AHLB

צַדִּיק tsa-deeq Steadfast One 6662 One that makes or sets right. Conforming to fact, standard or truth. AHLB

צדק tsa-daq Be Steadfast (verb) 6663 To walk on the right path without losing the way. AHLB

צֶדֶק tse-deq Steadfast 6664 The following of the established path or course of action. AHLB

צְדָקָה tse-da-qah Steadfastness 6666 Conformity to fact, standard or truth. AHLB

צַוָּאר tsa-war Back Of The Neck 6677 The nape between the shoulders and the head. AHLB

צוה tsa-wah Direct (verb) 6680 To cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course; give instructions or orders for a path to be taken. AHLB

צור tsur Smack (verb) 6696 To strike or push as an attack. AHLB

צֵל tseyl Shadow 6738 The dark figure cast on a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a light source. AHLB

צלח tsa-lahh Prosper (verb) 6743 To succeed; to move forward in distance, position or in thriving. AHLB

צֵלָע tsey-la Rib 6763 Any of the paired bony or cartilaginous bones that stiffen the walls of the thorax and protect the organs beneath. A ridge of a hill from its similar shape to a rib. Also, the side. AHLB

צמח tsa-mahh Spring Up (verb) 6779 To grow up as a plant. AHLB

צעק tsa-aq Cry Out (verb) 6817 To cry or call out loudly. AHLB

צפה tsa-phah Keep Watch (verb) 6822 To be on the look-out for danger or opportunity. AHLB

צפה tsa-phah Overlay (verb) 6823 To cover with a different material, usually with gold. AHLB

צָפוֹן tsa-phon North 6828 From the North Star which is watched for direction. AHLB

צִפּוֹר tsee-por Bird 6833 A creature distinguished by a body covering of feathers and wings as forelimbs. AHLB

צפן tsa-phan Conceal (verb) 6845 To hide to prevent discovery. AHLB

צַר tsar Narrow 6862 Of slender width. A narrow, tight place or situation. An enemy or adversary as one who closes in with pressure. AHLB

צָרָה tsa-rah Persecution 6869 To agitate mentally or spiritually; worry; disturb. AHLB

צָרַעַת tsa-ra-at Infection 6883 A contaminated substance, such as a disease, mold or mildew, on the skin, cloth or a building. AHLB

צרף tsa-raph Refine (verb) 6884 To bring to a fine or a pure state free from impurities through smelting or testing. AHLB

צרר tsa-rar Press In (verb) 6887 To confine or restrict in a tight place. AHLB

קבץ qa-vats Gather Together (verb) 6908 To come or bring into a group, mass or unit. AHLB

קבר qa-var Bury (verb) 6912 To dispose of by depositing in the ground. AHLB

קֶבֶר qe-ver Grave 6913 An excavation for the burial of a body. AHLB

קָדוֹשׁ qa-dosh Unique 6918 Someone or something that has, or has been given the quality of specialness, and has been separated from the rest for a special purpose. AHLB

קָדִים qa-deem East Wind 6921 The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. AHLB

קֶדֶם qe-dem East 6924 The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. AHLB

קדשׁ qa-dash Set Apart (verb) 6942 To move or place someone or something separate from the whole for a special purpose. AHLB

קֹדֶשׁ qo-desh Special 6944 A person, item, time or place that has the quality of being unique; Separated from the rest for a special purpose. AHLB

קהל qa-hal Round Up (verb) 6950 To gather together a flock, herd or group of people. AHLB

קָהָל qa-hal Assembly 6951 A large group, as a gathering of the flock of sheep to the shepherd. AHLB

קוה qa-wah Bound Up (verb) 6960 To be confined or hedged in together; to wait or to be held back in the sense of being bound up. AHLB

קוֹל qol Voice 6963 The faculty of utterance. Sound of a person, musical instrument, the wind, thunder, etc. AHLB

קום qum Rise (verb) 6965 To assume an upright position; to raise or rise up; to continue or establish. AHLB

קוֹמָה qo-mah Height 6967 The highest part or most advanced point; the condition of being tall or high. In the sense of being raised up. AHLB

קָטָן qa-tan Small 6996 Someone or something that is not very large in size, importance, age or significance. AHLB

קטר qa-tar Burn Incense (verb) 6999 To light a sacrifice or aromatic plant on fire creating smoke, often aromatic. AHLB