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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Modern Hebrew Word
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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שׂבע sa-va Be Satisfied (verb) 7646 To be filled full or to overflowing; to have a complete amount. AHLB

שָׂדֶה sa-deh Field 7704 An open land area free of trees and buildings. A level plot of ground. AHLB

שֶׂה seh Ram 7716 A member of a flock of sheep or goats. AHLB

שׂחק sa-hhaq Laugh (verb) 7832 To laugh in play, sport or scorn. AHLB

שָׂטָן sa-tan Opponent 7854 One who is on the opposing side of an action or thought; an adversary. AHLB

שׂכל sa-khal Calculate (verb) 7919 To determine by mathematical deduction or practical judgment; to comprehend and carefully consider a path or course of action. AHLB

שָׂכָר sa-khar Wage 7939 The reward or price paid for one's labor. AHLB

שְׂמוֹאל se-mol Left Hand 8040 The left hand, side or direction. AHLB

שׂמח sa-mahh Rejoice (verb) 8055 To be happy, glad. AHLB

שִׂמְחָה seem-hhah Joy 8057 A state of felicity or happiness. AHLB

שִׂמְלָה seem-lah Apparel 8071 Something that clothes or adorns. As forming to the image of the body. AHLB

שׂנא sa-na Hate (verb) 8130 Intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy. AHLB

שָׂעִיר sa-eer Goat 8163 Related to the sheep but of lighter build and with backwardly arching horns, a short tail, and usually straight hair. AHLB

שֵׂעָר sey-ar Hair 8181 The covering of filaments on a human head or the body of an animal. AHLB

שְׂעֹרָה se-o-rah Barley 8184 A crop used as food, and for determining the month of Aviv. AHLB

שָׂפָה sa-phah Lip 8193 The rim or edge of the mouth or other opening. Language, as spoken from the lips. AHLB

שַׂק saq Sack 8242 A bag of cloth or skins for carrying foods or objects. AHLB

שַׂר sar Noble 8269 Possessing outstanding qualities or properties. Of high birth or exalted rank. One who has authority. May also mean "heavy" from the weight of responsibility on one in authority. AHLB

שָׂרִיד sa-reed Remnant 8300 What is left behind. AHLB

שׂרף sa-raph Cremate (verb) 8313 To reduce a dead body, or other object, to ashes by burning. AHLB