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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Modern Hebrew Word
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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חבא hha-va Withdraw (verb) 2244 To take back or withhold what is cherished; to turn away or move back. AHLB

חָבַל hha-val Take As A Pledge 2254 To receive an object in exchange for a promise. AHLB

חֶבֶל hhe-vel Region 2256 An area surrounded by a specific border. AHLB

חבר hha-var Couple (verb) 2266 To bind by joining or coupling together. AHLB

חבשׁ hha-bash Saddle (verb) 2280 A shaped mounted support on which an object can travel; to bind up with a saddle. AHLB

חַג hhag Feast 2282 A commemoration of a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food. A ceremony of joy and thanksgiving. A festival with a magnificent meal which is shared with a number of guests. AHLB

חגר hha-gar Gird Up (verb) 2296 To bind the loose portions of clothing into a belt or sash to prepare to go to war; to be bound with arms for war. AHLB

חדל hha-dal Terminate (verb) 2308 To stop or refrain from continuing an action. AHLB

חֶדֶר hhe-der Chamber 2315 A bedroom; a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity. Place surrounded by walls. An inner place as hidden or secret. AHLB

חָדָשׁ hha-dash New 2319 Something that is new, renewed, restored or repaired. AHLB

חֹדֶשׁ hho-desh New Moon 2320 The moon phase when the thin crescent first appears and is perceived as the renewal of the moon. The first day of the month. Also, a month as the interval between crescents. AHLB

חול hhul Twist (verb) 2342 A winding or wrapping together; entwined in pain or joy. AHLB

חוֹמָה hho-mah Rampart 2346 A fortified enclosure. AHLB

חוּץ hhuts Outside 2351 A place or region beyond an enclosure or barrier. AHLB

חזה hha-zah Perceive (verb) 2372 To be able to understand on a higher level; to see something that is not physically present. AHLB

חָזוֹן hha-zon Vision 2377 To see or perceive what is normally not visible. AHLB

חזק hha-zaq Seize (verb) 2388 To possess or take by force; grab hold tightly; to refrain or support by grabbing hold. AHLB

חָזָק hha-zaq Forceful 2389 A strong grip on something to refrain or support. Driven with force. Acting with power. AHLB

חטא hha-ta Err (verb) 2398 To miss the target, whether a literal target or a goal that is aimed for. The piel (intensive) form means "reconcile." AHLB

חֵטְא hha-ta Fault 2399 A lack, weakness or failing; a mistake; the responsibility for wrongdoing. Missing of the target. A faulty one is one who has missed the target. AHLB

חַטָּאָה hha-ta-a Error 2403 An act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior. A missing of the target in the sense of making a mistake. The sacrifice, which by transference, becomes the sin. AHLB

חִטָּה hhee-tah Wheat 2406 A cereal grain that yields a fine white flour, the chief ingredient of bread. AHLB

חַי hhai Living 2416 The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; life. Literally the stomach. Used idiomatically of living creatures, especially in conjunction with land, ground or field. AHLB

חיה hhay-yah Live (verb) 2421 To be alive and continue alive. Have life within. The revival of life gained from food or other necessity. The piel (intensive) form means "keep alive." AHLB

חַיִל hha-yeel Force 2428 The pressure exerted to make a piercing. AHLB

חֵיק hheyq Bosom 2436 The human chest, especially the front side. AHLB

חכם hha-kham Be Skilled (verb) 2449 To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. AHLB

חָכָם hha-kham Skilled One 2450 A person characterized by a deep understanding of a craft. AHLB

חָכְמָה hhakh-mah Skill 2451 The ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong. AHLB

חֶלֶב hhe-lev Fat 2459 Animal tissue consisting of cells distended with greasy or oily matter; adipose tissue. The fat of an animal as the choicest part. Also milk; A white fatty liquid secreted by cows, sheep and goats, and used for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc. AHLB

חָלָב hhe-lev Fat 2461 Animal tissue consisting of cells distended with greasy or oily matter; adipose tissue. The fat of an animal as the choicest part. Also milk; A white fatty liquid secreted by cows, sheep and goats, and used for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc. AHLB

חלה hha-lah Be Sick (verb) 2470 To be twisted through pain. AHLB

חֲלוֹם hha-lom Dream 2472 A series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep. AHLB

חַלּוֹן hha-lon Window 2474 A hole in the wall that admits light and a view of the other side. AHLB

חלל hha-lal Pierce (verb) 2490 To run into or through as with a pointed weapon or tool; pierce a hole through; to begin in the sense of pressing in. AHLB

חָלָל hha-lal Pierced 2491 Having holes. AHLB

חלם hha-lam Visualize (verb) 2492 To see or form a mental image of; to dream dreams. AHLB

חלף hha-laph Pass Over (verb) 2498 To pass through, by or over something. Also, to change in the sense of going to another one, side or thought. The piel (intensive) form means "change." AHLB

חלץ hha-lats Draw / Arm (verb) 2502 To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. AHLB

חלק hha-laq Apportion (verb) 2505 To divide and mete out according to a plan among the appropriate recipients. AHLB

חָלָק hhey-leq Portion 2506 An individual's part or share of something. The portions dispersed out. AHLB

חֶלְקָה hhel-qah Parcel 2513a A section or portion of land that has been purchased or aquired. AHLB

חֵמָה hhey-mah Fury 2534 Intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. An intense heat from anger. AHLB

חֲמוֹר hha-mor Donkey 2543 A male ass. AHLB

חֲמִישִׁי hha-mee-shee Fifth 2549 An ordinal number. AHLB

חמל hha-mal Show Pity (verb) 2550 To have compassion; to sympathize. AHLB

חָמָס hha-mas Violence 2555 Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. A violent shaking. AHLB

חֹמֶר hha-mor Hhomer 2563b A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. AHLB

חָמֵשׁ hha-meysh Five 2568 A cardinal number, from the number of fingers on a hand. AHLB

חֲמִשִּׁים hha-mee-sheem Five 2572 A cardinal number, from the number of fingers on a hand. AHLB

חֵן hheyn Beauty 2580 The qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses. Someone or something that is desired, approved, favored or in agreement by another. AHLB

חנה hha-nah Camp (verb) 2583 To erect temporary shelters (as tents) together; to stop for the night and pitch the tents. AHLB

חֲנִית hha-neet Spear 2595 A long shaft with a pointed tip and used as a weapon. A tent pole which may also be used as a spear. AHLB

חִנָּם hhee-nam Freely 2600 Having no restrictions. A work or action that is performed without wages or without cause. AHLB

חנן hha-nan Show Beauty (verb) 2603 To give or show beauty, grace or mercy to another. The hitpael (reflexive) form means "beseech." AHLB

חֶסֶד hhe-sed Kindness 2617 Of a sympathetic nature; quality or state of being sympathetic. In the sense of bowing the neck to another as a sign of kindness. AHLB

חסה hha-sah Refuge (verb) 2620 To take shelter or place ones trust in someone or something of support. AHLB

חָסִיד hha-seed Kind One 2623 One who shows favor, mercy or compassion to another. AHLB

חפץ hha-phats Delight (verb) 2654 To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. AHLB

חֵפֶץ hhey-phets Delight 2656 An object or action that one desires. AHLB

חֵץ hheyts Arrow 2671 A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers as a butt. AHLB

חֲצוֹצְרָה hha-tsots-rah Trumpet 2689 A loud wind instrument. AHLB

חֲצִי hha-tsee Half 2677 An equal part of something divided into two pieces. AHLB

חָצֵר hha-tser Yard 2691 The grounds of a building or group of buildings. Villages outside of the larger cities, as "the yard of the city. " A courtyard as outside the house. AHLB

חֹק hhuq Custom 2706 A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual. AHLB

חֻקָּה hhuq-qah Ritual 2708 A repeating of the same actions. A custom. AHLB

חקר hha-qar Examine (verb) 2713 To intently search or seek for details. AHLB

חרב hha-rav Dry Up (verb) 2717 To be a dry wasteland; to be laid waste and made desolate. AHLB

חֶרֶב hhe-rev Sword 2719 A weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting. AHLB

חָרְבָּה hhar-bah Wasteland 2723 Barren or uncultivated land. Also a dry land. AHLB

חרד hha-rad Tremble (verb) 2729 To shake involuntarily; shiver. AHLB

חרה hha-rah Flare Up (verb) 2734 To become suddenly excited or angry; to break out suddenly. Burn with a fierce anger. AHLB

חָרוֹן hha-ron Burning Wrath 2740 A fierce anger. AHLB

חרם hha-ram Perforate 2763 To fill with holes. To make holes. AHLB

חֵרֶם hhey-rem Net 2764 Something filled with holes or is perforated. Also something accursed in the sense of being filled with holes. AHLB

חרף hha-raph Taunt / Betrothal (verb) 2778 To pierce another with sharp words of reproach or scorn. (see Psalms 42:10). A nose ring is put in the piercing of the nose as a sign of betrothal (see Genesis 24:47). AHLB

חֶרְפָּה hher-pah Disgrace 2781 A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. AHLB

חרשׁ hha-rash Keep Silent (verb) 2790b To stand still and be silent. AHLB

חָרָשׁ hhe-resh Engraver 2796 A sculptor or carver who engraves wood, stone or metal. AHLB

חשׁב hha-shav Think (verb) 2803 To plan or design a course of action, item or invention. AHLB

חשׂך hha-sakh Keep Back (verb) 2820 To hold something back or restrain. AHLB

חֹשֶךְ hho-shekh Darkness 2822 The state of being dark. As the darkness of a moonless night. AHLB

חתם hha-tam Seal (verb) 2856 To close tightly, often marked with the emblem of the owner that must be broken before opening. AHLB

חתן hha-tan Be An In Law (verb) 2859 To have a relationship with another through marriage. AHLB

חתת hha-tat Break (verb) 2865 To beat or shatter into pieces; to fear or be in terror in the sense of being shattered. AHLB