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Plowing through History from the Aleph to the Tav

Topics Poetry in the Hebrew Bible

The Chiastic Structure of Genesis 1:1 to 2:3

By Jeff A. Benner

A. Elohiym filled the sky and the land because it was empty and it was all in chaos so the wind of Elohiym settled upon the water (1:1 to 1:2)
A1. Day 1 - Elohiym separates (1:3 to 1:5, Day one)
a. light
b. dark
A2. Day 2 - Elohiym separates (1:6 to 1:8, Day two)
a. water
b. sky
A3. Day 3 - Elohiym separates(1:9 to 1:13, Day three
a. land
b. Plants spring up from the land

B1. Day 4 - Elohiym fills (1:14 to 1:19, Day four)
a. the light with the sun
b. the dark with the moon
B2. Day 5 - Elohiym fills (1:20 to 1:23, Day five)
a. fills the water with fish
b. fills the sky with birds
B3. Day 6 - Elohiym fills (1:24 to 1:31, Day six)
a. the land with animals and man
b. Plants are given as food

B. Elohiym Finishes his separating and filling of the sky and the land and respects the seventh day because in it he did his occupation (2:1 to 2:3, Day seven)

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