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Plowing through History from the Aleph to the Tav

Topics Biblical Studies: How and Why

HowHow to do a Hebrew Word Study (Video Course)
Learn the methods to uncover the deeper meanings of Hebrew words behind the English translations.

TheologicalTheological Filters (Article)
When reading the Bible it is important that we do not interject our doctrinal bias into how we interpret the text.

ImportanceImportance of studying Hebrew Words (Article)
A thorough study of Hebrew words is essential to unlocking the deeper meanings of the Hebrew Bible.

HowHow to use a Concordance (Article)
With a Bible Concordance and Dictionary, such as Strong's, one can easily see the Hebrew words behind the English translations, allowing for a deeper understanding of the text.

WhyWhy study the Hebrew language and culture? (Article)
By studying Hebrew culture and philosophy we can better understand the Bible and interpret it correctly.

RedefiningRedefining Biblical Hebrew Words (Article)
Hebrew words must be defined from within their original Hebraic culture and context.

TheThe Importance of Proper Biblical Interpretation (Article)
Is there a large difference between the Ancient Near Eastern perspective of the Hebrews and our Modern Western perspective?

UsingUsing PaRDeS for Biblical Interpretation (Article)
PaRDeS is a Hebrew word meaning "paradise," but is also an acronym for a method of Biblical interpretation.

IsIs Strong's Dictionary enough for studying the Hebrew text of the Bible? (Article)
While Strong's Dictionary is an excellent resource for studying Hebrew words, it has its limitations.

TheThe Three Keys to Proper Biblical Interpretation (Video Playlist)
The three most important things to remember when interpreting the Bible.

RecommendedRecommended Video Lectures (Video Playlist)
The following lectures are, for the most part, teachers that I respect and learn from, some of them for many years.

HebrewHebrew Word Studies - How and Why (Video)
Help the English reader learn how to use their Bible in conjunction with a concordance to find the Hebrew concrete meaning behind the English translations.

DefiningDefining Biblical Words (Video)
This video is an example of how the definition of Biblical words have been influenced by foreign languages.

GenesisGenesis 1-11: Foundational for an Accurate Understanding of the Bible (Guest Article)
Mr. Patterson shares with you his brief history with a focus on why he developed a study course in Genesis 1-11 and a Bible learning website.

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