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Plowing through History from the Aleph to the Tav

Topics Hebrew Roots & Words

AncientAncient Hebrew Torah Lexicon (Book)
The companion lexicon to the Ancient Hebrew Torah that provides a translation for each Hebrew word found in the Torah.

ParentParent Roots of Hebrew Words (Article)
All Hebrew words are derived from a three letter root and these roots are themselves derived from a two letter root.

ParentParent Root Dictionary (Articles)
A dictionary of two-letter parent roots, the foundation to all other Hebrew roots and words.

ChildChild and Adopted Roots (Article)
Child and adopted roots are formed by adding one letter to a two-letter parent root.

TheThe Root System of Hebrew Words (Article)
Hebrew words, which are derived from parent and child roots, are constructed by adding specific letters to the root.

AboutAbout Hebrew Nouns and Verbs (Article)
A general overview of how Hebrew nouns and verbs are formed and used in the Hebrew Bible.

PronunciationPronunciation of Hebrew Words (Article)
The following rules will assist the reader with pronouncing the Hebrew words without relying on the vowel pointings.

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