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Topics Definition of Hebrew Names


By Jeff A. Benner

The name Jeremiah is written in Hebrew as ירמיה / ירמיהו (yir-me-yah / yir-me-yahu, Strong's #3414) and is composed of two words; ירם and יה.

ירם is the verb רום (R.W.M, Strong's #7311), meaning to "lift up," with the letter י (yud) as a prefix, which identifies the subject of this verb as masculine singular and the tense of the verb as "imperfect" – "he lifts up." It should also be noted that the letter ו (vav) is dropped from the verb when it is conjugated.

יה (Yah, Strong's #3050) is one of the names of God and is the subject of the verb – Yah lifts up.

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