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Entry #: 1673
Date: Sep, 2020
Name: Mark
Location: USA Florida
Comments: Born a gentile raised in the church I’m looking for the truth and I believe I’ve found it thank you

Entry #: 1672
Date: Sep, 2020
Name: Michael W R Dugan
Location: United States
Comments: I resently purchased from Amazon, and now have a copy of, The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet. Teachers I listen to and who are very Pro-Israel, regularly defer to both Hebrew (Masoretic) and Septuagint (Greek) texts. Would the Synagogs of Jesus' day have used the Septuagint? I presume not. Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda's work, though not the focus here, has helped make Hebrew a "living" language. and for those like myself Seriously under educated and a Jonny come lately as I am to ernestly reading the Word and finally getting around to wondering enough, about what Moses would have written when commanded to, "Write thou these words" and our Lord confirmed it, "Moses wrote about Me." In 1997 after reading that passage, I quipped to myself, What did that look like?, and kept reading my NIV. Ignorant of just how far removed from G-d's word the NIV is. "But G-d", blessed me in my efforts to get to know Him, even that very poor rendering of His word. For me, Hebrew is nothing short of jaw dropping. Humbling in fact, as I get acquainted with just the alphabet. G-d's language. Toda raba

Entry #: 1671
Date: Sep, 2020
Name: Neal Hazen
Location: Mobile, AL
Comments: Thank you for opening my mind to Eastern thought, and a better understanding of the Old Testament

Entry #: 1670
Date: Aug, 2020
Name: Kipp Waller
Location: Frankfort Ky, USA

Entry #: 1669
Date: Aug, 2020
Name: Patricia Daugherty
Location: Pansey Alabama USA

Entry #: 1668
Date: Aug, 2020
Name: Larry Pytlarz
Location: Erie, PA, USA
Comments: Your research is fantastic! It furthers God's work.

Entry #: 1667
Date: Jul, 2020
Name: Lisa Heavener
Location: Springfield Tennessee
Comments: Thank you for this information.

Entry #: 1666
Date: Jul, 2020
Name: Mary Krieski
Location: United States

Entry #: 1665
Date: Jul, 2020
Name: John & Patricia
Location: Louisiana
Comments: Good Shabbot to all.

Entry #: 1664
Date: Jul, 2020
Name: Geri Priest
Location: Tucson, AZ
Comments: Shalom! My husband, Larry and I are writing a book on the Song of Solomon. Your AHLB and research have been invaluable to say the least. I have a question on the definition of song H7892. The description for making a cord is confusing to us. It sounds like there are two fibers, yet there need to be three in order to wrap them clockwise and counterclockwise. Could you please clarify this for us?
From AHRC: Shalom Geri: I got your question in your entry in my guestbook. Strong's #7892 is the noun shiyr, meaning "song" and is from a root meaning a "stringed instrument," but I have never seen this word meaning "two strings."

Entry #: 1663
Date: Jul, 2020
Name: Lukasz Stanczuk
Location: Manchester England
Comments: Shalom Brothers and sisters 🥰 I was born Gentile grew up and raised up Catholic but Yeshua have choose me to be a citizen of his Kingdom, for that I praise YHWH in the name of Yeshua my Lord and saviour. Hebrew is my future language Shalom 🥰

Entry #: 1662
Date: Jun, 2020
Name: Anthony Edmonson
Location: Bethany ,Oklahoma. (Okc)
Comments: Thank you Mr Benner. Hello from central Oklahoma

Entry #: 1661
Date: Jun, 2020
Name: Bennie Stadler
Location: South Africa
Comments: Thank you to the Dr Benner and staff for being a blessing. I will start your basis Hebrew course soon

Entry #: 1660
Date: May, 2020
Name: Dan Mirkes
Location: Lake Geneva WI 53147
Comments: Are you Jewish? If so are you Messianic?

Entry #: 1659
Date: May, 2020
Name: jeff hollingsworth
Location: magee ms
Comments: great website

Entry #: 1658
Date: May, 2020
Name: Lance Kramer
Location: Kotzebue, Alaska
Comments: Hi Jeff. Thank you for this site! I'm so curious. Say, I'm wondering if you can tell me if there's a relationship between the Hebrew word "aman" and the baking of bread. I had a NT instructor once who was an archaeologist in Israel and explained to me that where the Hebrews got the word aman from was from the baking of bread. He said that they would have dough, and make it into a football shape in their hands and place it on their cone-shaped ovens and it would fall when it gets done on one side and they would stick it to the other side and when it gets done on that side and falls down, the bread just "aman-ed". And that Abram aman-ed God in Genesis 15:6. In other words, when bread is a dough, you can get your water back, your sugar back, your yeast back. But when it bakes, you can't get those things back, they are forever joined. He said when Abram did what he did, the Hebrews were looking for a word in their culture that closest represents what he did and the baking of bread is that. Before, Abram was pointing one way, then after God called for him to count the stars...Abram "believed", he was "fully persuaded" as Paul says in Romans 4, and he "turned to and forever joined God." Jeff, do you know if what this professor said is true? What evidence is there for this definition? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Entry #: 1657
Date: May, 2020
Name: drHoward

Entry #: 1656
Date: Apr, 2020
Location: Encamp, Principat d'Andorra
Comments: We have two expressions here in catalan and spanish. (1) "amb pinces"/"con pinzas" (2) "és un camp de mines"/"es un campo de minas". Your work, in your web, videos and books HELPS (&FUNCTION) in this situation :)

Entry #: 1655
Date: Apr, 2020
Name: Kieran

Entry #: 1654
Date: Apr, 2020
Name: Chris Zionna
Location: India
Comments: Very thankful to you!!!

Entry #: 1653
Date: Apr, 2020
Name: Charlie Bushong
Location: Columbus, Indiana

Entry #: 1652
Date: Apr, 2020
Name: Liz Fogarty
Location: Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain
Comments: This website content has blessed me so much over the past two weeks since discovering it, I am very excited to keep digging in :-)

Entry #: 1651
Date: Apr, 2020
Name: John & Patricia
Location: Louisiana

Entry #: 1650
Date: Mar, 2020
Name: Robertpex
Location: Venezuela

Entry #: 1649
Date: Mar, 2020
Name: Angela Drupp
Location: Pottstown PA
Comments: Thank you so much!

Entry #: 1648
Date: Mar, 2020
Name: John Guineau
Location: California

Entry #: 1647
Date: Mar, 2020
Name: Rebecca Slocum
Location: United States
Comments: Thank you! This website is Brilliant!

Entry #: 1646
Date: Mar, 2020
Name: Laura A Sanchez
Location: United States
Comments: Awesome to find this website. Thank you!

Entry #: 1645
Date: Feb, 2020
Name: Erin Smith
Location: Whitmore Lake, MI

Entry #: 1644
Date: Feb, 2020
Name: Kim Lee
Location: Northern Virginia

Entry #: 1643
Date: Feb, 2020
Name: Terry Vittitow
Location: Greenbrier, Arkansas

Entry #: 1642
Date: Feb, 2020
Name: Pawel Szymanski
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Comments: I love your work . Yah bless you.

Entry #: 1641
Date: Jan, 2020
Name: joe cephas davidson
Location: oklahoma city
Comments: Shabbat Shalom today. I teach SS school at my church from a messianic perspective. very interested in your site. Shalom

Entry #: 1640
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Neldria Staton
Location: Buffalo, New York

Entry #: 1639
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Jonathan Case
Location: New Orleans at present
Comments: I love your Lexicon and research it multiple times per week. In Job 38:32 we hit the word "mazzaroth" in the KJV. I have searched for a tie to a Two-Letter Particle to understand this word better and suspect it m ay be yo ur 1491 THh instead of the adopted 2390 NZR. Am I way off, a little off, crazy, or amazingly lucid. Until I hear from you I will assume option 3.

Entry #: 1638
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Timothy Florence
Location: United States
Comments: I am so thankful for all the sacrifice and truth this ministry has contributed to the Kingdom of God. Shalom

Entry #: 1637
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Ronald Boehm
Location: Wisconsin
Comments: I would love to order your materials DVD's for my furthering studies of Hebrew, but I see that you only have Amazon as the Delivery vendor of your products. We cannot trust Amazon. Even yesterday Amazon delivered a package to our house which was not ours. They are notorious for that and theft and more. please change. I work with a former driver for Amazon, he only confirms that the inside workings of that company is worse than what we already know. Can you give us the option of using the USPS?

Entry #: 1636
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Philip Keiter
Location: Delaware, USA
Comments: This website has been critical to my studies for years.

Entry #: 1635
Date: Dec, 2019
Name: Gilbert B Hiltz
Location: Canada
Comments: Really enjoy the info you have provided. Thank you.

Entry #: 1634
Date: Nov, 2019
Name: Daniel Ben Yosef
Location: South Africa
Comments: Is Hebrew roots a cult?
From AHRC: No, Hebrew roots is not a group of people, but a concept, the concept that the New Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language and in a Jewish cultural setting. There can be groups of individuals who believe in the Hebrew Roots of the New Testament that could be considered a cult.

Entry #: 1633
Date: Nov, 2019
Name: Toivanen Suvi
Location: Finland
Comments: An excellent resource for any biblical research enthousiast. An eye opening experience to see the Scriptures through an ancient hebrew lens - broadens up the whole view!

Entry #: 1632
Date: Nov, 2019
Name: Chandran Gopalan
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Comments: Love this as I had retired as a pastor and now coming back to do it your way as it makes the most sense. Praying I will be able to make the necessary donations to get all your material Shalom Chandran

Entry #: 1631
Date: Oct, 2019
Name: vincent mayers
Location: canada

Entry #: 1630
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Rob Chassner
Location: North Georgia and Western North Carolina Mountain Region
Comments: Rob Chassner Bible Studies on YouTube.Com. Messianic Jewish Bible Student and Teacher. This AHRC Website is a great resource for studying and for teaching the bible!!

Entry #: 1629
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: John & Patricia
Location: Louisiana

Entry #: 1628
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Rod Branch
Location: BC Canada
Comments: Wow! Thank you, Jeff. Your efforts are not in vain. I am so thrilled to find this, as I am not much for fast food, but without understanding the difference, we tend to choose the easiest route. I appreciate this and will certainly use it to help me refine what I consume. As I was about to Submit this comment, I just thought that I might ask if I could share the link to your site, on a couple of my own, which are currently under construction. Please, consider that me asking. Rod

Entry #: 1627
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Torah Ministries Mosselbay
Location: South Africa
Comments: A very usefull site for Hebrew truth and studies. Thanks

Entry #: 1626
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Carl & Patricia
Location: Longville , La

Entry #: 1625
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Lisa Henry
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Comments: I visited this site a while back but fell off due to other studiew. I am back and hope to finish the course. This a wonderful learning site and I hope to get my family and other friends involved.

Entry #: 1624
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Mary Whittaker
Location: Ruckersville, Virginia
Comments: I'm enjoying this site very much. Thank you for sharing you work with us.

Entry #: 1623
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Karin Spanner
Location: Pasco WA (the beautiful Pacific Northwest)
Comments: Thank you for providing such a wealth of information and insight. God has had me on the Hebrew path for several years now and I am grateful He led me to your website. Blessings on you, your family and all you set your hands to do.

Entry #: 1622
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: mike barnett
Location: dalton, ga
Comments: Shalom,I lived Jlem 2007-2012. There is a timeline for the end of days in Psalm 119. The 15th Hebrew letter, Samech, (60) is a transition letter. The last 7 letters are the final 7 years. Ayin (70) begins the end,while Samech announces i t. Love to hear from you Jeff.

Entry #: 1621
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Jeffrey Robertson
Location: London, Ontario

Entry #: 1620
Date: Sep, 2019
Name: Carl & Patricia Burmeister
Location: Longville, Louisiana

Entry #: 1619
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Mark Edwards
Location: Murrells Inlet SC

Entry #: 1618
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Joseph DeMary
Location: Dequincy, Louisiana 70633
Comments: What a blessing your site has been. Thank you for your labour of love to the Body of Messiah!

Entry #: 1617
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Frank Mello
Location: XXXX

Entry #: 1616
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Carl & Patricia Burmeister
Location: Longville, La
Comments: Hello Brothers and Sisters

Entry #: 1615
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: john hempe
Location: frederick,md

Entry #: 1614
Date: Aug, 2019
Location: Cleveland TN

Entry #: 1613
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Marie Hildred Farrington
Location: Maine
Comments: Very interesting web site, thank you for all of your work.

Entry #: 1612
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: John Patricia Burmeister
Location: 70652

Entry #: 1611
Date: Aug, 2019
Name: Robert E. O'Donnell
Location: Woodstock, Georgia USA
Comments: Hello Jeff, I just found this site. Question: are you Jewish, Christian, or neither. Thank you, Robert

Entry #: 1610
Date: Jul, 2019
Name: Julie
Location: Ozark Mts. of Arkansas
Comments: Enjoyed your site.

Entry #: 1609
Date: Jul, 2019
Name: Suresh
Location: India

Entry #: 1608
Date: Jul, 2019
Name: John & Patricia
Location: Longville, La

Entry #: 1607
Date: Jun, 2019
Name: Manoel
Location: Indonesia

Entry #: 1606
Date: May, 2019
Name: Carla
Location: Kentucky USA

Entry #: 1605
Date: May, 2019
Name: Leslie Street
Location: Texas
Comments: Love this

Entry #: 1604
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Hazel Richards
Location: trinidad
Comments: great learning tools and information.

Entry #: 1603
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Robin Michelle Arvizu
Location: united states
Comments:thank you

Entry #: 1602
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Estrellita Burrow
Location: USA
Comments: Shalom

Entry #: 1601
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Chris Y.
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Comments: This site is a diamond in the rough! I was having such a hard time finding an introduction to Hebrew that was slow enough for me to understand but fast enough to keep me interested, and so far, you guys have surpassed all the other guides I've found. Thank you for your incredible work!

Entry #: 1600
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: susan droger
Location: united kingdom
Comments: Thankyou so much for your teachings which I have just found.

Entry #: 1599
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Frank Unrein
Location: Montana USA

Entry #: 1598
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jonathan and Wendy Putzulu
Location: Wheeling, West Virginia USA

Entry #: 1597
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jose H
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Comments: I am fascinated and very grateful with the learning I have obtained from this site. Heartfelt thanks for your effort, all my best wishes!

Entry #: 1596
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jennifer Rieger
Location: Medford Or

Entry #: 1595
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Wenda
Location: State of Washington
Comments: Excellent material, have three of your books have a Q - Where and when did the letter "veyth" come from
From AHRC: The letter 'veyt' is the same letter as the 'beyt,' but when this letter follows a vowel it takes a "v" sound, otherwise a "b" sound.

Entry #: 1594
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Steve Robinson
Location: Silt, Colo
Comments: Thank you for your work. Beautiful

Entry #: 1593
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Myriam Channah Weisscoph
Location: Queens,NY
Comments: Please send news letters and all tools necessary to learn ancient Hebrew.

Entry #: 1592
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Carl J Burmeister Jr
Location: Louisiana

Entry #: 1591
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Wilson Monteith
Location: Ulster UK
Comments: Nice to see your alive and well, keeping the Faith in The Word Yeshua, Yah Saves. Thanks!

Entry #: 1590
Date: Jan, 2019
Name: Giuseppe Nocera
Location: South America
Comments: Excellent, I was trying to find some additional support about the word "kavod" Thanks for your help.

Entry #: 1589
Date: Dec, 2018
Name: James Duenow
Location: Missouri
Comments: I am looking forward to digging in to see what you have for me to learn.

Entry #: 1588
Date: Dec, 2018
Name: Lennie-Ester
Location: Amsterdam The Netherlands
Comments: I love the studies. It is so good to learn the origin language and the meaning of it( and English ) my native language is Dutch. I'm happy Abba has brothers like you, who can give me more joy to read the Bible. Kind regards from Holland/ Amsterdam Lennie-Ester

Entry #: 1587
Date: Nov, 2018
Name: Edward
Location: Colorado

Entry #: 1586
Date: Nov, 2018
Name: Clint
Location: Springfield MO

Entry #: 1585
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Ron Watson
Location: New Westminster, BC Canada
Comments: Fantastic resource. I thought it would be fun to attempt to sift through some of the Great Isaiah scroll from the Dead sea and so my journey started by looking for a "Late Hebrew " Alphabet reference . . . . . which brought me to your page. Thanks. Shalome

Entry #: 1584
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Julio Hernandez

Entry #: 1583
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Kathryn Lapp
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Comments: I am excited to find out about your resources. I am working on a doctorate in theology, and as part of that, I am taking a Hebrew course. Frankly I feel quite overwhelmed by the Hebrew class (even though we have an excellent teacher) , so I a m very thankful that I can go to your site as a secondary help, review, and drill in what I am "supposed" to know. :) I will try it for awhile, and if I continue, I will give you a monthly donation. Blessings and shalom.

Entry #: 1582
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Mark
Location: Ontario Canada
Comments: I am totally intrigued by the true meanings of the Hebrew words and passages but at the same time very overwhelmed. I'm 55 now and I'm wondering if there is any hope of being able to read the bible in Hebrew. I signed up for the Udemy course as well on how to do a word study, got the videos and the books, but I don't know really where to start. I'm thinking the Udemy course just to get familiar.

Entry #: 1581
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Brian Benzick
Location: minnesota

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