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Entry #: 1605
Date: May, 2019
Name: Carla
Location: Kentucky USA

Entry #: 1604
Date: May, 2019
Name: Leslie Street
Location: Texas
Comments: Love this

Entry #: 1603
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Robin Michelle Arvizu
Location: united states
Comments:thank you

Entry #: 1602
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Estrellita Burrow
Location: USA
Comments: Shalom

Entry #: 1601
Date: Apr, 2019
Name: Chris Y.
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Comments: This site is a diamond in the rough! I was having such a hard time finding an introduction to Hebrew that was slow enough for me to understand but fast enough to keep me interested, and so far, you guys have surpassed all the other guides I've found. Thank you for your incredible work!

Entry #: 1600
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: susan droger
Location: united kingdom
Comments: Thankyou so much for your teachings which I have just found.

Entry #: 1599
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Frank Unrein
Location: Montana USA

Entry #: 1598
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jonathan and Wendy Putzulu
Location: Wheeling, West Virginia USA

Entry #: 1597
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jose H
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Comments: I am fascinated and very grateful with the learning I have obtained from this site. Heartfelt thanks for your effort, all my best wishes!

Entry #: 1596
Date: Mar, 2019
Name: Jennifer Rieger
Location: Medford Or

Entry #: 1595
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Wenda
Location: State of Washington
Comments: Excellent material, have three of your books have a Q - Where and when did the letter "veyth" come from
From AHRC: The letter 'veyt' is the same letter as the 'beyt,' but when this letter follows a vowel it takes a "v" sound, otherwise a "b" sound.

Entry #: 1594
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Steve Robinson
Location: Silt, Colo
Comments: Thank you for your work. Beautiful

Entry #: 1593
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Myriam Channah Weisscoph
Location: Queens,NY
Comments: Please send news letters and all tools necessary to learn ancient Hebrew.

Entry #: 1592
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Carl J Burmeister Jr
Location: Louisiana

Entry #: 1591
Date: Feb, 2019
Name: Wilson Monteith
Location: Ulster UK
Comments: Nice to see your alive and well, keeping the Faith in The Word Yeshua, Yah Saves. Thanks!

Entry #: 1590
Date: Jan, 2019
Name: Giuseppe Nocera
Location: South America
Comments: Excellent, I was trying to find some additional support about the word "kavod" Thanks for your help.

Entry #: 1589
Date: Dec, 2018
Name: James Duenow
Location: Missouri
Comments: I am looking forward to digging in to see what you have for me to learn.

Entry #: 1588
Date: Dec, 2018
Name: Lennie-Ester
Location: Amsterdam The Netherlands
Comments: I love the studies. It is so good to learn the origin language and the meaning of it( and English ) my native language is Dutch. I'm happy Abba has brothers like you, who can give me more joy to read the Bible. Kind regards from Holland/ Amsterdam Lennie-Ester

Entry #: 1587
Date: Nov, 2018
Name: Edward
Location: Colorado

Entry #: 1586
Date: Nov, 2018
Name: Clint
Location: Springfield MO

Entry #: 1585
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Ron Watson
Location: New Westminster, BC Canada
Comments: Fantastic resource. I thought it would be fun to attempt to sift through some of the Great Isaiah scroll from the Dead sea and so my journey started by looking for a "Late Hebrew " Alphabet reference . . . . . which brought me to your page. Thanks. Shalome

Entry #: 1584
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Julio Hernandez

Entry #: 1583
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Kathryn Lapp
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Comments: I am excited to find out about your resources. I am working on a doctorate in theology, and as part of that, I am taking a Hebrew course. Frankly I feel quite overwhelmed by the Hebrew class (even though we have an excellent teacher) , so I a m very thankful that I can go to your site as a secondary help, review, and drill in what I am "supposed" to know. :) I will try it for awhile, and if I continue, I will give you a monthly donation. Blessings and shalom.

Entry #: 1582
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Mark
Location: Ontario Canada
Comments: I am totally intrigued by the true meanings of the Hebrew words and passages but at the same time very overwhelmed. I'm 55 now and I'm wondering if there is any hope of being able to read the bible in Hebrew. I signed up for the Udemy course as well on how to do a word study, got the videos and the books, but I don't know really where to start. I'm thinking the Udemy course just to get familiar.

Entry #: 1581
Date: Oct, 2018
Name: Brian Benzick
Location: minnesota

Entry #: 1580
Date: Sep, 2018
Name: Sharon Price
Location: Trail, Oregon
Comments: We are now in Sukkot - so soon. Couldn't remember the scripture reference for the 'Aaronic Blessing'; I searched it, and found you: The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebraic Perspective "Most people are familiar with the English translation of the Aaronic blessing. The LORD bless you and keep you: The LORD make his face to shine upon you, ..." Thank you Mr. Benner! and Shalom!

Entry #: 1579
Date: Sep, 2018
Name: Oliver Smith
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Comments: What a blessing, thank God and thank you for this teaching.

Entry #: 1578
Date: Sep, 2018
Name: AnthonyNieto
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: Baruch!

Entry #: 1577
Date: Sep, 2018
Name: Katie Ruth
Location: Mojave, California

Entry #: 1576
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: lorna
Location: reno nv USA

Entry #: 1575
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Fred
Location: Hollywood area California
Comments: Hi Jeff Your word studies are great! Is there a course to help with learning Hebrew. I already know vowels and letters and can read some.
From AHRC: Shalom Fred: Yes I do. My course "Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew" will go into more detail about the language and start you on your way to translating Hebrew for yourself.

Entry #: 1574
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Celia Fournier
Location: Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Comments: Many thanks to you, Dr. Brenner, your family, your staff and your colleagues! Your works presented on your website are very inspiring to me and I genuinely look forward to studying all of them. How did you know that I have always wanted to read the ancient Hebrew texts in the original language? Blessings to you all! Celia Fournier

Entry #: 1573
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Jeff
Location: Mt. Holly, NC
Comments: Truth Seeker, Music Teacher and Yeshua Believer. Thanks so much for sharing your respected scholarship with great understanding and humility. Shalom...

Entry #: 1572
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: C J Burmeister Jr
Location: Longville, Louisiana

Entry #: 1571
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Elizabeth Raver
Location: New Orleans
Comments: Grad student at NOBTS, M.A. Biblical Archaeology. Your notes are very helpful. Shalom! and God Bless!

Entry #: 1570
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Jason D Moody
Location: Texas

Entry #: 1569
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Michael Wujcik
Location: Water Valley TX

Entry #: 1568
Date: Aug, 2018
Name: Barbara
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Comments: I really want to learn the Ancient Hebrew language, but I'm finding it very difficult. Is there a study technique that would help?
From AHRC: Our Syllabus will probably help guide you through learning the Ancient Hebrew language.

Entry #: 1567
Date: Jul, 2018
Name: Joy C. Lyle
Location: Walterboro SC
Comments: Thank you for all your hard work! I am learning Hebrew but still in the elementary stage. I believe your lessons will really help! Shalom!

Entry #: 1566
Date: Jul, 2018
Name: Bylendy Louidor
Comments: God Knows

Entry #: 15X65
Date: Jul, 2018
Name: Waldo
Location: Washington State

Entry #: 1564
Date: Jul, 2018
Name: Doug Crumm
Location: York,PA

Entry #: 1563
Date: Jul, 2018
Name: Lauren Wilcox
Location: Temecula CA
Comments: This is a wonderful website. Thank you for making this information available. I am trying to learn Hebrew as a second language.

Entry #: 1562
Date: Jun, 2018
Name: Kevin Alexander
Location: Claremore, OK
Comments: S.S. lessons are in the O.T.; what is the best source to better understand actual Hebrew meanings of English translated words ? I do not know Greek or Hebrew. Thank You.

Entry #: 1561
Date: Jun, 2018
Name: V Ahava Finklea-Ranson
Comments: I meet you in 2002 a out that through sister Marilee Wilder Hobson in Bend, Oregon and your changed my life and my families. We do mission work among native Americans and all over the world , study of ancient Hebrew has brought everyone together in the world. Found it all over the planet.

Entry #: 1560
Date: Jun, 2018
Location: FLORIDA
Comments: GREAT WEBSITE!!!

Entry #: 1559
Date: June, 2018
Name: Linda G Frank
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Comments: I nearly screamed. Ive been teching myself hebrew after taking a beginners course with buz treme' here in baton rouge louisiana. are you teaching any courses in the baton rouge area. i just recently ordered one of your books on amazon. look foward to reading more of your books.

Entry #: 1558
Date: June, 2018
Name: David Hayman
Location: Shellharbour NSW Australia
Comments: Thanks so much really enjoying the great insights here helping me understand the names and context of the subdivisions of Psalm 119.

Entry #: 1557
Date: June, 2018
Name: Baruch Ruby
Location: Dutch Flat
Comments: May our Elohim give back to you more as your faithfulness to Him deserves,and make His face towards you and your houshold

Entry #: 1556
Date: Jun, 2018
Name: Lin Wilder
Location: United States
Comments: thanks for the helpful info researching my new novel. My website is

Entry #: 1555
Date: Jun, 2018
Name: Theo christi
Location: Solo, west of Java, Indonesia
Comments: Great perspectives in Ancient Hebrew

Entry #: 1554
Date: May, 2018
Name: Alfonso Manfredo
Location: Philadelphia
Comments: HI Jeff. thank you exceedingly for your all your work on my favorite language. Yah Bless you Jeff.

Entry #: 1553
Date: May, 2018
Name: Sarah Soos
Location: Joshua Tree, CA. U.S.
Comments: Thank you so much.

Entry #: 1552
Date: May, 2018
Name: Teresa Moore
Location: Andrews, S.C,

Entry #: 1551
Date: May, 2018
Name: Don Donnelly
Location: cedar Hill, MO 63016
Comments: Love your site

Entry #: 1550
Date: May, 2018
Name: Steve Rose
Comments: Thank for the Blessing while the Lord gathers The Nation of Israel.

Entry #: 1549
Date: Apr, 2018
Name: Randall McFarland
Location: Durham

Entry #: 1548
Date: Apr, 2018
Name: Mr. Jaime Marrero
Location: Vega Alta

Entry #: 1547
Date: Mar, 2018
Name: Laurie LeBlanc
Location: Arizona, USA
Comments: I had a several dreams last night were the letter Lamed and Lambda were shown to me over and over. In the dream it was strongly associated with bitter mourning over someone that was lost. The first dream I had, it was only one Lamed. In the other dreams that night, it was doubled. I found the meaning of and origins for that letter here and it was very helpful in beginning to understand my dream. Thank you.

Entry #: 1546
Date: Mar, 2018
Name: Laura Vallejo
Location: Clovis, NM

Entry #: 1545
Date: Mar, 2018
Name: Dani
Location: Korea
Comments: Shalom! I was able to stumble upon a comment by somebody on Youtube that explained the amazing structure behind the first word in the Bible, if read in paleo-Hebrew. From there, I came to this site to find many wonderful resources that would help tremendously in my search for more on God's words and the Bible. Thank you so much for the effort and work you have put into your research as well as this website. May God's blessings towards you and your family always overflow!

Entry #: 1544
Date: Feb, 2018
Name: Thomas William
Location: Saint John,Canada
Comments: This website is great and has so much useful information! Thank you for making this website!

Entry #: 1543
Date: Feb, 2018
Name: David Allen
Location: Redding Ca
Comments: I Greatly appreciate your work and your website. Been researching Hebrew sense the late 1990,s and when you put your website up. You have helped me learn many Hebrew GEMS over the years and with an increased knowledge and wisdom! You have helped me immensely and inspire me to continue in my work in learning biblical and Modern Hebrew and has been a great asset in my Ministry work! Thank You very much! David Allen.

Entry #: 1542
Date: Feb, 2018
Location: ASHLAND

Entry #: 1543
Date: Feb, 2018
Name: JamesSmamb
Location: Germany
Comments: Great post\Nice post, I enjoyed it so much.I was really lucky to find your website. There is so much useful information!

Entry #: 1542
Date: Feb, 2018
Name: Prakash
Location: India
Comments: i am so surprised and encouraged

Entry #: 1541
Date: Jan, 2018
Name: Jaden Deleon

Entry #: 1540
Date: Jan, 2018
Location: ASHLAND

Entry #: 1539
Date: Jan, 2018
Name: Anthony Edmonson
Location: Oklahoma city , Ok

Entry #: 1538
Date: Jan, 2018
Name: Sandy
Location: central Coast NSW Australia
Comments: All praise to YHWH our King and our Lord and his only begotten Son Yeshua. Many thanks to all of you at AHRC for all of your hard work. Please keep shining the light on the Word of our Lord. Shalom.

Entry #: 1537
Date: Dec, 2017
Name: Faye Romero
Location: Modesto, Ca. USA

Entry #: 1536
Date: Dec, 2017
Name: Dr.Howard
Location: CA
Comments: Baptise in greek means to overwhelm (with water here);to cover completely with a fluid(water),dip under-in classical greek a sword maker would bapto or 'baptize'-dip the ENTIRE blade in cold water,to dip FULLY INTO a vat of dye,plunge under,immerse fully. John the Baptist John 3:23 {Dipper!gk.}baptized in Aenon[springs/fountains-there are still large pools in this area today] near Salim "...because there was a vast amount[polys gk.plenteous] of water there..." To fully immerse each person under a pool of water would not do he needed a great body of water.

Entry #: 1535
Date: Dec, 2017
Name: Tammie Rogers-Yarbrough
Location: Burnsville, Mn

Entry #: 1534
Date: Dec, 2017
Name: Heather Boykin
Location: Sheridan, Arkansas
Comments: Hello Mr. Brenner! I am a wife and mother of three and our family is part of a Shabbat home study/fellowship. Last year at this time I started teaching the 9 kiddos in our group the hebrew alphabet. They learned the modern and the ancient and the meaning of each. This year, many of them have moved on to building vocabulary and the beginning of reading sentences. It has been a slow but INCREDIBLE learning experience for not just them but ME. I am a high school math teacher. The oldest member of our sabbath kiddos was 12 when we started this. The youngest was 8. it is a challenge to keep them moving forward at times! I used your chart as my main source for beginning this journey. Just wanted to say thank you for your organization of knowledge!! We bought a couple of your books today and i can't wait to get them in the mail! The adults in the study are now taking my "class" and I am beginning to teach them from the chart as well. Thank you and may God bless you for sharing knowledge of His word and language!!

Entry #: 1533
Date: Dec, 2017
Name: Pastor Paul Inman
Location: New Brunswick Atlantic Canada
Comments: thank you this site which I will be visiting regularly. Shalom!

Entry #: 1532
Date: Nov, 2017
Name: Christopher Fountain
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Comments: Thank you for presenting the studies and information.

Entry #: 1531
Date: Nov, 2017
Name: Juanita Taylor
Location: Indiana
Comments: Hi My name is Nita and years ago you helped me by sending the names of God that you had just compiled for a project The Lord had me working on. Do you remember? What a Blessing!!! I need another word --- seraphim -- of coarse once again in ancient Hebrew. Thank you.
From AHRC: Shalom Nita: Yes, I do remember. I don't remember the names very well, but I usually remember an emails content. I am attaching the word "seraphim" in Ancient Hebrew.

Entry #: 1530
Date: Nov, 2017
Name: Paul Clement
Location: South Dakota
Comments: The question I have is in the ancient Hebrew dictionary by Mr. Benner #767 is נַעֲרָה, but in the Tanaka Ish-7:14 is עַלְמָה — Alamah is used for young women please tell which is correct
From AHRC: There are two Hebrew words that can mean "young woman." One is נַעֲרָה, and the other is עַלְמָה. In Isaiah 7:14 the word עַלְמָה is used.

Entry #: 1529
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Laura Moreland
Location: Yardley, PA
Comments: I am a Jewish Believer that has a thirst to know more.

Entry #: 1528
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Robin Clary
Location: Georgia
Comments: I'm wondering where the authority for the meaning of the Paleo-Hebrew letters is derived. There are some similarities depending on the website I consult. For example, all state that aleph means ox, strong, power, leader. However, tsade has different supposed meanings: trail, journey, chase, hunt, OR man on side, desire, need. So I'm curious how you determined the meaning of the pictograms. Thank you.
From AHRC: This is a very good question. This article on my website will help to explain how the meanings of the letters are derived. But, as with many ancient evidences, they are open to interpretation, so different people may interpret the evidence differently.

Entry #: 1527
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Scott Myers
Location: Harrisburg Pa.
Comments: Thank you

Entry #: 1526
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Vince M.
Location: Louisiana

Entry #: 1525
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Natasha
Location: Canada
Comments: This site is very interesting

Entry #: 1524
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: George A Mason Jr
Location: Benton, AR
Comments: Thank y'all so much for providing great knowledge and truth. Much appreciated

Entry #: 1523
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: maraea waititi
Location: Aotearoa
Comments: thank you for sharing all that you have with many of us who are searching for a deeper understanding of the Hebrew culture that we may be more informed about the truth of Gods word from His cultural perspective...

Entry #: 1522
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: jeanie Talley
Location: dothan

Entry #: 1521
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Royce Jones
Location: Gadsden, AL
Comments: Thank you for your research and revelation. Your humility is much appreciated

Entry #: 1520
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: jP/ jerome / pix
Location: somewhere between heaven zh

Entry #: 1519
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Brandon Black
Location: Graham, NC
Comments: Thank you Jeff for all the work you have put into this. I praise YHWH God for raising you up for this task! Understanding the Paleo Hebrew has been highly instrumental in helping me understand the Hebrew Text of the Bible.

Entry #: 1518
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Micahel Banks
Location: TN
Comments: I want to learn Hebrew and better understand the Bible. Where to I begin?
From AHRC: The best place to start is the lessons on our website at

Entry #: 1517
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Daniel Premetz
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Entry #: 1516
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Larry Taylor
Location: United States
Comments: Where might I find a good physical copy of the Hebrew alphabet to be kept in my notes to be used when the internet is not available? Thank you for your time.
From AHRC: You can find the poster of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet that I created at CafePress

Entry #: 1515
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Sandra
Location: sulphur springs, texas
Comments: I need to write; happiness, health and wisdom in Hebrew.
From AHRC: The answer to your question is as follows;
  • אושר - (o'sher) Happiness
  • שלום - (shalom) This is the Biblical Hebrew word for "health," but in modern Hebrew it is בראות (b'riy'ut).
  • חכם - (hhakham) Wisdom

Entry #: 1514
Date: August, 2017
Name: mark leonard
Location: Abbotsford BC canada

Entry #: 1513
Date: August, 2017
Comments: I was pleasantly surprised, blessed and enriched in finding Your site. Thank You All and God Bless You!

Entry #: 1512
Date: August, 2017
Name: Miguel Mafla
Location: United States
Comments: Thank you so much for what you have done here! It has been a tremendous blessing for my morning devotionals!

Entry #: 1511
Date: August, 2017
Name: Mathew Ackerman
Location: South Africa
Comments: can the absorbed missing letters f.e. g , s , again be reintroduced as formal speech and written word to 'correct ' anomalies ? Thank you

Entry #: 1510
Date: August, 2017
Name: Joe and Goldie Zietz
Location: Lake Katrine NY
Comments: I am interested in attending an online school to further my education in the Ancient Hebrew studies. If you do not have one, would you recommend one. Thank you, Goldie Zietz

Entry #: 1509
Date: July, 2017
Name: carlo raath
Location: Vereeniging, South Africa
Comments: It was interesting. I was a blessing!

Entry #: 1508
Date: July, 2017
Name: BoBByCharles AppleBy
Location: Abington, Massachusetts
Comments: I am new to the website. My purpose for being here is that I have just begun the study of Hebrew under my Messianic Rabbi and he has referred me to this website in his Hebrew instruction. Thank you for being here.

Entry #: 1507
Date: July, 2017
Name: Ps Vusi Maphalala
Location: South Africa
Comments: Wants to learn to use pictographs specially for new testament

Entry #: 1506
Date: July, 2017
Name: David Weatherford
Location: Dallas
Comments: Reading the work of Craig Winn led me to your work. I am greatful for both. Thank you.

Entry #: 1505
Date: July, 2017
Name: Larry
Location: Belen, NM
Comments: Wonderful resource for learning Hebrew.

Entry #: 1504
Date: June, 2017
Name: Justin Toner
Location: South Carolina
Comments: Thank you.

Entry #: 1503
Date: June, 2017
Name: Dan
Comments: Hebrew understanding of the bible

Entry #: 1502
Date: June, 2017
Name: Sam Denny
Location: Fairbanks Alaska
Comments: Thank you for this site. I find it very inspiring and helpful

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