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Plowing through History from the Aleph to the Tav

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By Jeff A. Benner
פרר parar
The verb parar is often translated as "break," as in "Do not break the commands of Elohiym." This word does not mean "disobey," as we often perceive it, but something much more concrete. Each Hebrew word is a picture of action. In this case, the picture is an ox treading on the grain on the threshing floor to open up the hulls to remove the seeds. To the Ancient Hebrews, breaking the commands of Elohiym was equated with throwing it on the ground and trampling on it. A child who disobeys his parents, but is genuinely apologetic, shows honor and respect to his parents. But a child who willfully disobeys with no sign of remorse has trampled on his parents teachings and deserves punishment.

Strong's: #6565

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