Mr. Benner's On-line Courses - FAQs

Is this a scheduled course that I need to attend?
No, this course is available to you at any time and you can take the course as quickly or as slowly as you like and you will have access to the course for life.

How do I find my courses?
Once you have purchased one of my courses, or any other course, from Udemy, go to and log in. On the desktop version click "My Courses" and all of the courses that you have purchased will be listed. On the mobile version click on the three bars in the upper left corner and then select "My Courses." On the mobile app tap the "My Courses" at the bottom of the screen.

How do I download the video lectures?
Open the lecture you want to download. Down at the lower right corner is a "gear" icon. Hover over that and select "Download Lecture."

How do I access the lecture resources?
In the upper left corner is the "Section Overview" icon, click it, which will open a side bar listing all of the lectures. Under each lecture are the resources that are available for that lecture.