AHRC Syllabus
By Jeff A. Benner

The following syllabus is a collection of articles, books, videos and courses created by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center that will assist the reader with studying the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and culture in an orderly and comprehensive manner. One may begin his or her studies from the beginning of the syllabus or select an area of interest and begin there.

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  1. Hebrew studies
    1. Website
      1. Importance of studying Hebrew Words
      2. Ancient Hebrew Word Studies
      3. Redefining Biblical Hebrew Words
      4. Why study the ancient Hebrew language and culture?
      5. How to use a Bible Dictionary and Concordance
    2. Books
      1. The Living Words
      2. His Name is One
    3. Videos
      1. The Horns of Moses
    4. Course
      1. How to do a Hebrew Word Study
  2. Proper Biblical Interpretation
    1. Website
      1. The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebraic Perspective
      2. Covenants from a Hebrew Perspective
      3. The Hebrew Concept of Order
      4. The meaning of Grace from a Hebrew perspective
      5. Proper Biblical Interpretation
      6. Good and Bad
      7. Biblical Textual Criticism
    2. Videos
      1. The Three Keys
  3. Introduction to Ancient Hebrew
    1. Website
      1. Introduction to Ancient Hebrew
      2. History of the Hebrew Alphabet
      3. The Ancient Semitic (Early) Alphabet
      4. The Paleo-Hebrew (Middle) Alphabet
    2. Books
      1. Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet
    3. Videos
      1. A History of Hebrew
    4. DVD
      1. An Introduction to Ancient Hebrew
      2. A History of Hebrew
  4. The Hebrew Culture
    1. Website
      1. Ancient Hebrew Thought
      2. The Nomadic Lifestyle of the Ancient Hebrews
      3. The Goat Hair Tent of the Hebrew Nomads
      4. Concepts in Time
    2. Videos
      1. Hebrew Culture
  5. The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
    1. Website
      1. The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
      2. Hebrew Alphabet Chart
    2. Videos
      1. Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
    3. DVD
      1. The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
    4. Course
      1. Learn the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet and Language
    5. Wall Chart
      1. Hebrew Alphabet Wall Chart
  6. Root System of Hebrew Words
    1. Website
      1. Parent Roots of Hebrew Words
      2. Child and Adopted Roots of Hebrew Words
      3. Anatomy of Hebrew Words
  7. The Ancient Hebrew Language
    1. Website
      1. A Short History of the Hebrew Language
      2. The Culture of the Hebrew Language
      3. The Philosophy of the Hebrew Language
      4. The Ancient Hebrew Language
      5. Ancient Hebrew Styles of Writing
    2. Books
      1. Ancient Hebrew Dictionary
      2. Ancient Hebrew Picture Dictionary
      3. Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible
    3. Videos
      1. Hebrew Language
      2. Hebrew Vocabulary
  8. Learn Hebrew
    1. Website
      1. Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
      2. Biblical Hebrew Linguistics
    2. Books
      1. Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
      2. Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew 2
    3. DVD
      1. Genesis Chapter One
    4. Course
      1. Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
  9. Hebrew Bible History
    1. Website
      1. Extant Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible
      2. The Great Isaiah Scroll and the Masoretic Text
      3. Dead Sea Scroll Text of Psalm 138
      4. Ugarit and the Bible
      5. The Archives of Ebla and the Bible
      6. History of the Torah
      7. The Authors of the Torah
      8. The Documentary Hypothesis
      9. Greek Influence on translations of the Hebrew Bible
      10. Origins of Writing
    2. Videos
      1. The Dead Sea Scrolls
    3. DVD
      1. The Four Stages of Biblical Transmission
  10. The Mechanical Translation
    1. Website
      1. The Original Language of the Torah
      2. Is a Mechanical Translation Possible?
      3. What is the Mechanical Translation?
      4. Theological Filters
      5. The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
    2. Books
      1. The Mechanical Translation of Genesis
      2. The Mechanical Translation of Exodus
    3. Videos
      1. The Mechanical Translation
  11. The New Testament
    1. Website
      1. New Testament Articles
      2. Greek and Aramaic Manuscripts of the New Testament
      3. The Semitic Origins of the NT
      4. Teaching style of Yeshua (Jesus)
    2. Videos
      1. What is the origin of Baptism?
      2. The New Testament
    3. DVD
      1. The Semitic Origins of the New Testament

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