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Let me explain my philosophy of a "mailing list". I hate, as much as the next person, the endless and mindless advertisements and junk one gets in their inbox and will never sell, distribute or publish your email in any way, shape or form. Also, when we send out to the mailing list your email address is hidden to all recipients so no one else can see your email address. I do not anticipate any more than one or two emails each month so you will not be overwhelmed with emails.

Now to what the mailing list is for. Everyone listed with the mailing list will receive emails with one or more of the following topics;

  1. What's new at the Ancient Hebrew website (including the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon and Mechanical Translation websites)

  2. The monthly issue of the Biblical Hebrew E-Magazine published by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center

  3. Upcoming events and speaking engagements involving the Ancient Hebrew Research Center

  4. Announcements of upcoming or recent book publications and products of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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