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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet - Lesson 5
Resh & Shin

By Jeff A. Benner


ר The "resh" is pronounced "r" as in rain.

ש The "shin" is pronounced two different ways. If the letter appears with a "dot" above the and to the right side (), it is pronounced "sh" as in sharp. If the letter appears with a "dot" above the and to the left side (), it is pronounced "s" as in sign.


The Hholam Maley. The dot above the "vav" is pronounced "o" as in open. The "vav" becomes silent. When this "vav" is suffixed to a word it means "to him" or "his".

  1. In Hebrew, the verb usually appears before the subject of the verb, such as in sentence #5 below.

שַׁ שִׂ שֵׂ רֵ רִ רַי שׁוֹ שֵׁי שֶׂי רוֹ .1 Audio
שָׁר שַׂר שִׁיר שׁוֹר שִׂר רָשׂ רוֹשׁ .2 Audio
נֵר יַר רַב מִשׁ שַׂב שִׂים הֶשׁ שֶׁל .3 Audio

Peace (Masc. Noun) שָׁלוֹם .1 Audio
Skies (Masc. Noun) שָׁמַיִם .2 Audio
Said (Masc. Verb) אָמַר .3 Audio
Created (Masc. Verb) בָּרָא .4 Audio
Said (Fem. Verb) אָמְרָה .5 Audio
Ruler (Masc. Noun) שַׂר .6 Audio
Day (Masc. Noun) יוֹם .7 Audio
Light (Masc. Noun) אוֹר .8 Audio
Rabbi (Masc. Noun) רַבִּי .9 Audio
Name (Masc. Noun) שֵׁם .10 Audio

My name is Levi. שְׁמִי לֵוִי .1 Audio
What is his name? מַה שְׁמוֹ .2 Audio
His name is Abraham. שְׁמוֹ אַבְרָהָם .3 Audio
Ruler of Peace. שַׂר שָׁלוֹם .4 Audio
God created skies. בָּרָא אֵל שָׁמַיִם .5 Audio
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