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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet - Lesson 2
Mem & Yud

By Jeff A. Benner


מ The "mem" is pronounced "m" as in mother.

ם The "final mem" is the same letter as above, but is the form of the letter used when it appears at the end of a word. The pronunciation is the same as the "mem" above.

י The yud is pronounced "y" as in yes. When the yud is added at the end of a word it means "of me" or "my".


אִ The Hhireq. This vowel is pronounced "i" as in machine.

אֵ The Tsere. This vowel is pronounced "e" as in grey.

בִ בֵּ בֵ בִּ אֵ אִ מִ מֵ םָ מַ .1 Audio
אֵי אִי בִי בִּי מִי אֵם אִם .2 Audio

Mother אֵם .1 Audio
Who מִי .2 Audio
My mother אֵמִי .3 Audio
My father אָבִי .4 Audio

Who came? ?מִי בָּא .1 Audio
My father came. אָבִי בָּא׃ .2 Audio
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