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About Mr. Benner and his Family


Thank you for visiting our little corner on the web. Let me introduce myself and my family and tell you a little about us.

My wife Denise and I have five children, Kristina, Dallas, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jedidiah. In 2007 we purchased property in Mississippi where we and our children are building our log home. Besides building the log house, we raise a few livestock and, mostly thanks to my wife, we have a garden and fruit trees. Everything we grow and raise are done organically because we firmly believe that the many chemicals we use on a daily basis, from pesticides to body care, are the cause of many of the illnesses our society suffers from today.

Jeff and Denise Benner

By profession I do contract work for an engineering company out of Chicago Illinois where I work about five months a year at different nuclear power plants around the country and abroad.

Nuclear Power Plant

In the 1990s I began a serious study of the Bible to learn why I believed what I believed. My first exposure to the Hebrew language was with an Exhaustive Concordance which allowed me to see the Hebrew word behind the English translation. I quickly recognized that the translators are not very consistent in how they translated Hebrew words. This caused a desire to learn how to read the Hebrew text for myself. After a couple of years I was reading the Hebrew Bible and discovered a whole new world in front me. (For more about my research into the Ancient Hebrew language, please see the About the AHRC page on the web site.

The Temple Ostraca

In 1997 my local newspaper had an article and picture of the "Temple Ostraca." I became fascinated by this "paleo-hebrew" inscription which began my research into this subject. In 1999 I first went online and scoured the internet for information on the Ancient Hebrew alphabet and language and was surprised to find nothing. I started a small website in order to make my research available to others and this began the "Ancient Hebrew Research Center". I have also written several books related to Ancient Hebrew including a comprehensive Lexicon of Hebrew roots and words which are available through the Ancient Hebrew Bookstore.

Jeff & Denise Benner