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Entry #: 1492
Date: March, 2017
Name: Al Morgan
Location: USA - Arkansas
Comments: What a great page for me to study and learn Hebrew. Thanks for this wonderful site.

Entry #: 1491
Date: March, 2017
Name: Donna Moses
Location: MI

Entry #: 1490
Date: March, 2017
Name: Michael Marko
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Comments: Great site! A really fine body of work!

Entry #: 1489
Date: March, 2017

Entry #: 1488
Date: March, 2017
Name: Stuart Wheatman
Location: Wales, UK
Comments: Hi Jeff. Thanks for your great research and work in bringing the Hebrew Bible alive. I have been looking at your mechanical translation and your literal translations of the Hebrew imperfect tense, which you translate as a future tense as it denotes incomplete action. I appreciate why you have done this but it does make it quite difficult to read. Have you ever read the book 'A New Approach to the Problem of the Hebrew Tenses and its Solution Without Recourse to Waw-Consecutive' by O.I.Barnes published by J.Thornton and Son, University Booksellers, 11 Broad Street, Oxford in 1965? It is excellent and well worth a read, but I think only 400 copies were produced (I bought a copy in an Oxford bookshop as well as a copy of his excellent commentary on the Song of Songs). His approach is to translate any imperfects (including waw-consecutives) as 'ing' showing incomplete action and to translate perfects as past tense. For instance Genesis 1 reads "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but the earth was waste and barren, and darkness was over the face of the deep, so the Spirit of God moves- intently over the face of the waters:the God is saying, "there is light" and there is light. And God is seeing that the light is good, so God is separating between the light and the darkness, and God is naming the light Day, while the darkness he had named Night. So there is an evening and a morning: one day". I know that this translation is less literal using words like 'so' for 'and', but I like the way he handles the perfect and imperfect tenses translating the tenses literally, which also gives a possible new nuance to interpretation- e.g. had God previously named the darkness 'night' prior to naming the light 'day'?

If you can get a copy of this book online I would highly recommend it to you. search/title/new-approach-problem-hebrew- tenses-solution/author/barnes/

Best regards, Stuart Wheatman

Entry #: 1487
Date: March, 2017
Name: Wes Fahlenkamp
Location: Iowa, USA
Comments: Jeff, your site is one of my go-to places when I'm researching a Bible subject. Thanks for your work.

Entry #: 1486
Date: March, 2017
Name: hazel richards
Location: trinidad
Comments: it's a pleasure to sign in the AHRC guestbook, thank you.

Entry #: 1485
Date: February, 2017
Name: Nicholas Anderson
Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Entry #: 1484
Date: February, 2017
Name: Dr. Maricela Alea
Location: Ocean Grove New Jersey

Entry #: 1483
Date: February, 2017
Name: Scott Johnson
Location: Oklahoma
Comments: I recently discovered the Aramaic/Hebrew teachings from Alan Horvath. He teaches with the original language, which i found to be very anointing and i feel i draw closer to YHWH and his word. I have recently bought several books to teach myself the Aramaic/Hebrew language and pictograph, then i discovered your site, which goes much more in depth! I will be purchasing your books soon! Thanks for a great website!

Entry #: 1482
Date: February, 2017
Name: Hanna Kossowska
Location: Warsaw Poland
Comments: I found a lot of important information Thank you

Entry #: 1481
Date: January, 2017
Name: Ephratah Shalem
Location: India

Entry #: 1480
Date: January, 2017
Name: Ronald Tenney
Location: Amelia,Ohio

Entry #: 1479
Date: January, 2017
Name: KennethPeter Osterman
Location: Fremont, Michigan
Comments: I am enjoying your lessons. Shalom.

Entry #: 1478
Date: January, 2017
Name: Tom Byrd
Location: Buckhannon, West Virginia USA
Comments: wonderful site with unlimited resources to study non-stop about the wonderful Hebrew roots

Entry #: 1477
Date: January, 2017
Name: Fifilapoo
Location: UK
Comments: Thank you for this beneficial website.

Entry #: 1476
Date: January, 2017
Name: jan williams
Comments: Thank you for providing these lessons and so much information contained on this website. This is a wonderful resource for those who desire to have more depth of understanding of the Father's Word as it was intended. We greatly appreciate the work you've put into this website.

Entry #: 1475
Date: January, 2017
Name: Loren Snesrud
Location: Webster MN USA
Comments: Just stumbled upon it and enjoying it. Want to learn the hebrew language

Entry #: 1474
Date: December, 2016
Name: A.A Brian
Location: Cameroon
Comments: you have really helped me understand Yahweh thank you i am now of full knowlegde

Entry #: 1473
Date: December, 2016
Location: UPSTATE NY

Entry #: 1472
Date: December, 2016
Name: Mercedes Pena
Location: Boston,MA
Comments: What an excellent resource this website is to learn about the scriptures from the perspective is was written in! It adds to much depth of meaning! Praise YAH!

Entry #: 1471
Date: December, 2016
Name: Jean Ellis
Location: Raleigh IL USA

Entry #: 1470
Date: November, 2016
Name: Hennie Hattingh
Location: Mosselbay Western Cape Province South Africa
Comments: The explanation of the true meaning of the translated text from the Ancient Hebrew is quite an eye opener compared to translations from Modern Hebrew text. (Hope I have expressed myself correctly)

Entry #: 1469
Date: November, 2016
Name: Shawn Moseley
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Hebrew Israelite looking for study aides

Entry #: 1468
Date: November, 2016
Name: Ahuvah
Location: london
Comments: started looking at this site since 2009 really appreciate what you guys do. May the blessed Holy One grant you all perfect Shalom

Entry #: 1467
Date: November, 2016
Name: Kateena
Location: Canberra Australia
Comments: starting a university course next year ancient hebrew and greek. biblical studies. great site !

Entry #: 1466
Date: November, 2016
Name: Nancy Neville
Location: Commerce Township Michigan
Comments: Jeff I have been struggling with this verse for a very long time. Genesis 3:22.

I've tried to apply the Abstract with the Concrete method, but I still don't come up with a solution to the meaning of this scripture.

E-Sword shows the word Lord being God Himself, and the word God, as himself or Angels. I get this part of it. But what confuses me is God, using the words "Like US", They would know good and evil..."like us". This scripture sounds like Jehovah is associating the Angels with being equal to himself....Like us.

I've struggled with this for years.

Hope you can help me out.

Entry #: 1465
Date: November, 2016
Name: Steven mozer
Location: States ville, nc
Comments: First time here,learning to speak and write some Hebrew,need all the help I can get.Feell free to write,and thanks again for this website plus all the hard work that goes along with it. Steven Mozr

Entry #: 1464
Date: October, 2016
Name: Tamara
Location: Niagara Falls
Comments: HUGs

Entry #: 1463
Date: October, 2016
Name: Tryston
Location: Allen, TX

Entry #: 1462
Date: October, 2016
Name: peggy Sisco
Location: eldorado illinois
Comments: your name was given to me by Darrel and also the Lord told me to study the meaning of "vav" and when I told Darrell he told me about you, so here I am ready to study the Hebrew alphabet and language.

Entry #: 1461
Date: October, 2016
Name: Nicole
Location: Australia

Entry #: 1460
Date: October, 2016
Location: INDIA

Entry #: 14
Date: September, 2016
Name: Ileana Pirvu
Location: Canberra
Comments: By the will of God, MT let me access the majestic picture of the pure word of truth of our LORD God of Israel, our Father revealed consciously within since 2014. The works within take the same journey in the same way that Lord God prepared a history of the mankind till the coming of our Lord Jesus, the Christ. The Sacrifice that brings us from under the righteousness of law into the righteousness of faith, being able under the new covenant to undertake as a one called the same journey from the Genesis till Revelation of Christ. This inner journey has started long before I was able to see myself in the very word of God, from what first words of Genesis, from MT describes:"in Summit he did Fatten at Sky-s and At the land, and at the Land she had Exist Confusion and Unfilled and Darkness upon Faces":obese, depressed, confuse, empty of understanding of life.I have cried out to my God. As pattern, we see that any time children of Israel cried out to God for help, He has answered. I got faith (for my faith it was just an intellectual understanding of God), and called to the Scriptures and I have started the journey of the living God, the Word that sounded alive within and was my life. I now understand how God does His beautiful works on earth as it is in heaven through each of one of us. MT offer the pure word with whom my inner journey God has started since 2014.

Entry #: 1459
Date: September, 2016
Name: MH Maerschalck
Location: The Netherlands
Comments: It is an enrichment to my personal life and the life of my eldest son. We are thankful for all your sincere efforts in making the language known to a larger public. Shalom

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