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4,000 year old Ancient Hebrew inscription
Teaching the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Language of the Bible Through the Study of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, Culture and Philosophy

Shalom, my name is Jeff A. Benner and my wife Denise and I would like to thank you for your interest in learning the Ancient Hebrew language of the Bible. This course is the first of its kind, learning to read, write and understand Hebrew the way it was 4,000 years ago with the ancient pictographic script. It is our goal that you will be able to read the Bible in its original cultural context void of the modern Greco-Roman influences that have been imposed upon the text.

About the Ancient Hebrew Education Center

The Ancient Hebrew courses are designed to allow you to do self-study at your own pace and have been developed to teach you the original pictographic alphabet of Hebrew and learn the vocabulary and the meaning of Hebrew words through the eyes and perspective of the Ancient Hebrews. The largest difference between this Hebrew course and any course available on the internet and in Universities is that this course focuses on the original pictographic Hebrew script rather than the modern square Aramaic script. In addition, the concrete nature of the language is stressed over the modern abstract perspective of the language.

Each moduel is set-up to be a self-study course and may go through the course at your own pace. Once you have completed the modules there will be a final exam of 10 questions and an essay that will be graded by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center. Please feel free to email me any questions, suggestions or comments.

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