The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
Includes the Mechanical Translation (MT), Revised MT, Lexicon, Concordance and a commentary on the MT and the Hebrew Language

The Torah: A Mechanical Translation The Torah: A Mechanical Translation

About this eBook
Whether you are new to the Bible or have a good command of the Hebrew language, my hope is that this translation and its accompanying resources (concordance, lexicon and commentary) will be a great value to you in your Biblical Studies. After fifeteen years of working on this translation I am excited to say that it is almost complete. I say "almost" because I still have a lot of editing to do to the document and if you are so inclined, you can help me. Read More »

About the Mechanical Translation
Many theological differences, divisions and arguments are based on faulty interpretations of the text that could easily be resolved by examining the original language of the Bible. Read More »

How to Use the Mechanical Translation
Navigating through this translation is fairly simple and straight-forward. Let's use Deuteronomy 6:4 (Figure 1) as an example. Read More »

Is a Mechanical Translation Possible?
I have been told that a word for word translation is not possible as each word can have several meanings and the context will determine how each word is to be translated. I have found that this is not exactly true and it is possible to translate each word the same each time it occurs. Read More »

What is the Mechanical Translation?
The Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible project began in 2005 with the publication of Mr. Benner's Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible. This lexicon laid the foundation for a translation of the Hebrew Bible where each word would be translated faithfully according to its original linguistic and cultural perspective. Read More »

Comparisons between the MT and other translations
The major advantage to the Mechanical Translation for the student of the Bible is that it consistently translates each Hebrew word in the exact same way each time it occurs in the text. This allows the reader to see the Hebrew text, without even knowing Hebrew, in its pure form void from any personal interpretation being interjected into the text. Read More »

Learn more about the Mechanical Translation
Please visit the Mechanical Translation website to view an electronic version of this translation and read the articles related to the Torah and the Mechanical Translation. Read More »

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