How to do a Hebrew word study
without knowing Hebrew

On-line Video Course
Instructor: Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew Bible (called the Tenack by Jews and the Old Testament by Christians) was written by Hebrews whose language and culture was very different from our own. A language is closely tied to the culture of those who speak the language. In the case of the Hebrews, who were a nomadic and agrarian people, their language was closely connected to that culture and lifestyle. When we read the Bible, our 20th Century culture and lifestyle will often influence how we interpret it, therefore it is essential that we read and study the Bible from their culture and perspective so that we can better understand the Bible.

When most people do a word study they will open up Strong's dictionary, look up the word they are studying, read that definition and then move on. But there is much more to a thorough study of a Hebrew word, which will open up a whole new world to the reader. This course will teach you how to dig deeper into the meanings of the words of the Bible to uncover the more in-depth understanding of the words in the Bible. Even if you do not know any Hebrew, the resources and tools available to you will provide you with a wealth of information.

With this course, you will have the ability to go at your own pace, repeat lectures as often as necessary, access the course from any computer or device, download the lectures for viewing offline and have a lifetime access to the course and its resources.

In this course you will;

  • Define Hebrew words based on their original cultural context
  • Have a basic understanding of the philosophy and thought process of the Hebrew people allowing for proper Biblical interpretation.
  • Use a Bible concordance and dictionary to define Hebrew words and roots.
  • Use E-Sword to do an in-depth study of Hebrew words.
  • Know how to use various Hebrew lexicons to do a study of Hebrew words and roots.
  • Know how to navigate through a Hebrew-English interlinear Bible.
  • Find the definition of a word based on the context of how it is used in the Bible.
  • Have a digital library of free resources that will assist you in digging into the Hebrew language of the Bible.
What is the target audience?
  • This course will interest anyone who desires to dig deeper into the meaning of the words in their Bible.
  • This course is designed to be used by anyone, even if they have no prior knowledge or instruction in Hebrew.
  • The methods demonstrated in this course will benefit both beginning and advanced students in Hebrew and Biblical Studies.
  • This course focuses on Biblical Hebrew, the language of the Tanach (Old Testament).
  • This course is not suited for Biblical Greek, the language of the New Testament.
The course includes;
  • 50 lectures
  • 3 hours of video
  • Quizzes and Exercises
  • Lifetime access
  • Money back gaurentee
  • Free preview

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Total Reviews: 219 ( 4.7 ) See all reviews

Geo Ben
Simple and thorough guidelines, exactly what I was looking for. Best course so far in my hebrew research and great value also. My favorite part is the combination of visual effects and written text. Good job Jeff and Thank you . I also purchased about 10 of your ebooks. They are of great help for me. English is my 2nd language and there is nothing close to this course on ease of understanding. SHALOM !

Nigel McPherson
This is by far one of the best set of lectures I have come across that teaches someone how to do a word study. I find it very informative in making a distinction between the Strong's and a Hebrew Lexicon; the Strong being limited in its scope of a given word study (not identifying the prefixes and the suffixes of words) while the Hebrew Lexicon and some interlinear go beyond what Strong provides. In all, one begins to sense the culture in which such beautiful language was written. I will recommend this to others.

This is definatly the best way to gain an in depth understanding of what the scripture meant to its original hearers, there is nothing out there in the market place that is able to give shuch an in depth understanding of the original hebrew, and whats more the information you get is not available at any price any where this represents increadable value, this is a give away, you even get Jeff Benners Hebrew Lexicon for down load free. If you are at all interested in knowing what the Scripture realy means then this will represent the best you ever brought next to the Scriptures themselves.

Shannon Eades
Thank you Jeff Benner for all your hard work. You have obviously put countless hours into research and learning yourself. Thank you for pursuing the call on your life. This course is life changing especially in interpreting a more accurate way of reading the scriptures. I am looking forward to a lot more study and the scriptures coming alive and being able to help others. I highly recommend this course to be able to get a fuller understanding of the scriptures. Yahweh Bless you Jeff Benner thank you again

Kris Griffith
Jeff is on target with trying to get us to see that the thought behind the language is as or more important than actually learning what the translation of the word is. The Hebrew mindset is really the creators mindset just given to the Hebrew speaking people to pass it on to mankind.

Doris A. Dippel
Your explanations are very clear, thorough, well illustrated, logically sequenced and easily followed. At the conclusion of this course, I am awed by the completeness of your examination of Hebrew words, evidence of your profound love for the Hebrew language of the Old Testament and your command of it. Thank you for sharing that wisdom!

Ellie Booth
I studied Biblical Hebrew for a couple of years and have never heard these things before. I absolutely love the comparison of the tent and the heavens and the easy way in which things are explained. It is also really helpful having sections broken down into short passages so that you can go over something again without any difficulty, especially trying to find your place again. Thank you Jeff for the opportunity to do this course - I look forward to hearing and learning more. I have now finished the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into Biblical hebrew. I didn't always find it easy but you just have to keep on going and you will get there. I have downloaded the course so that I can go over things again if I need to. Have fun!

Keith Barron
This is a very helpful course on how to do effective word studies. What I really appreciate is the instruction on the benefits and limitations of each resource tool. In this way, the student becomes aware that it will take multiple resources to do an effective job. Besides the Bible study helps, the student is also introduced to the various approaches to the text, or words within the text, to gain a fuller, more historical meaning to the Bible. I found each method useful. I very much look forward to practicing what was effectively taught in this course. Let the fun begin!

Tammy Jo Vinson
This information is PRICELESS! I already own the lexicon written by the teacher. I have had it for almost ten years and it has really helped me understand a lot better the character of God.