Stones of the Ephod
By Jeff A. Benner
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First Row

Hebrew: אודם (odem) Strong's #124
Meaning: Red
Possible Stone: Carnelian
Other Possibilities: Jasper

Hebrew: פטדה (pit'dah) Strong's #6357
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Olivine
Other Possibilities: Chrysolite, Topaz (The Septuagint uses the word topazios, but the Topaz was unknown at the time of the Exodus)

Hebrew: ברקת (bareqet) Strong's #1304
Meaning: Lightning/Flash
Possible Stone: Emerald
Other Possibilities: Beryl or Quartz (the Septuagint uses Smaragdos meaning a green stone)

Second Row

Hebrew: נופך (nophekh) Strong's #5306
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Turquoise (this stone was commonly mined in the Near East)
Other Possibilities: Carbuncle, Garnet, Emerald and Malachite (the Septuagint has Anthrax meaning coal)

Hebrew: ספיר (saphiyr) Strong's #5601
Meaning: Scroll/Write
Possible Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Other Possibilities: Sapphire (While the Hebrew word is saphiyr, the origin of the word Sapphire, the Sapphire was unknown until the Roman period.)

Hebrew: יהלום (yah'lom) Strong's #1986
Meaning: Hammer/Strike
Possible Stone: Flint (A stone used to create a spark when struck)
Other Possibilities: Onyx, Diamond

Third Row

Hebrew: לשם (leshem) Strong's #3958
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Opal
Other Possibilities: Amber, Jacinth, Agate, Amethyst

Hebrew: שבו (sh'vo) Strong's #7618
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Agate (The Septuagint uses achates meaning Agate.)
Other Possibilities: (unknown)

Hebrew:אחלמה (ahh'lamah) Strong's #306
Meaning: Dream
Possible Stone: Amethyst (The Septuagint uses Amethystos)
Other Possibilities: (unknown)

Fourth Row

Hebrew: תרשיש (tarshish) Strong's #8658
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Topaz
Other Possibilities: Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Jasper, Serpentine, Olivine, Flint

Hebrew: שוהם (shoham) Strong's #7718
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Onyx
Other Possibilities: Beryl (The Septuagint uses beryllios), Malachite

Hebrew: ישפה (yash'pheyh) Strong's #3471
Meaning: (unknown)
Possible Stone: Jasper (The Septuagint uses laspis meaning Jasper.)
Other Possibilities: Ruby, Hyacinth, Emerald

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